02 October, 2010

DEMONIAC: 31 Jess Franco Halloween Horrors

The second entry into our October survey of 31 Jess Franco horror films....

I first experienced Jess Franco's 1979 EL SADICO DE NOTRE-DAME, a key title in the director's filmography which composites footage from his 1974 EXORCISM with updated scenes shot in Paris, via this censored Wizard Video in the late 1980s. Little did I know how much had been cut out.

 EL SADICO... has yet to get a HD uncut North American/R1 DVD release but the cover art for this box was used for the Synapse DVD of EXORCISM.

If you can find a complete version EL SADICO... is highly recommended for the serious Jess Franco collector.

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Zonekiller said...

Long Live Jesus Franco!
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