04 July, 2015

DEVIL HUNTER Blu-ray and...Tibi Costa?

Severin Films's photo.
The giant cannibal carrying Ursula Buchfellner (Below image) is not "Burt Altman" as my published review incorrectly stated in this 2002 book, EATEN ALIVE. The real Burt Altman has been discovered and will be interviewed on next month's DEVIL HUNTER Blu-ray from Severin (See image at top). Thanks to Nzoog for tentatively ID-ing the actor in the pic below as "Tibi Costa", the Portuguese gymnast Jess Franco discusses in the bonus interview on Severin's previous DEVIL HUNTER DVD. Previous publications have ID'd him as Burt Altman "a zombie" and he does look like the tall, thin living dead man in the 1943 Val Lewton classic I WALKED WITH A ZOMBIE, complete with bugged-out eyes.

The Severin Blu-ray will also feature Eurocine's cannibal epic, CANNIBAL TERROR (1981), featuring Pamela Stanford! I look forward to meeting the real "Burt Altman" in August...