22 June, 2013

Additional scene added to upcoming Blu-ray


The queen is not happy. Her scenes have been removed from CHRISTINA, PRINCESS OF EROTICISM (because they did not originally belong there). We explained to her that they will be viewable as a separate entity, in their entirety, on the Blu-ray of A VIRGIN AMONG THE LIVING DEAD. But she is still not pleased.

I'm very pleased Redemption is releasing this on Blu-ray in the original director's cut and with a lot of Special Features, including the later "zombie" version with inserts shot by Jean Rollin. This was the first version I saw on grey market from VSOM, a composite of all the footage, including this amusing, sexy-surreal insert of Alice Arno as a "queen" presiding over an orgy on the lawn of a villa. Franco regulars Pierre Taylou (Exorcism) and Wal Davis (THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MIRROR, YUKA) can also be seen in this scene. This will be presented as a separate element. Also included is a commentary by Tim Lucas. Look for it in August!

17 June, 2013


Here's the link to David's review on TOMB IT MAY CONCERN

13 June, 2013

Jess Franco's Final Film coming on Blu-ray!

Producer Ferranz Herranz sent the specs and cover for the coming BD and DVD of Jess Franco's final film.

I'm listing here the specs of the "Al Pereira" BD and DVD
July 10th - Cameo Media
1080 24p
Aspect ratio: 1.78:1
Audio: Spanish stereo DTS-HD
Subtitles (film): English, Italian, German
Theatrical Trailer (2’)
Trailer of the documentary “A ritmo de Jess” (3’)
Behind the scenes (24’)
The Wrath of Jesus (documentary short) (3’)
Camera tests (1’)
Interviews: Jess Franco and Antonio Mayans (questions by Álex Mendíbil and Francesco Cesari) (19’)
Pies de Gato TV: Chronicle of the Barcelona premiere (13’)
Estreno en el Maldad (documentary short) (10’)
La Nuit des Alligator Ladies (documentary short) (15’)
Malaga Film Festival premiere (4’)
Return of the Bloodsucking Nazi Zombies, by Alex Bakshaev and Robert Monell (24’)
BUFF! SHORT FILMS (Bizarre & Underground Film Festival):
Arrozzorra, by Naxo Fiol, starring Irene Verdú (12’)
Coños y barro, by Naxo Fiol, starring Irene Verdú (4’)
Horrormania, by Juan Carlos Gallardo (12’)
Jenny, by Julio Cerrillo (5’)

12 June, 2013

LOS BLUES DE LA CALLE POP (aventuras de Felipe Marlboro, volumen 8 (1983)

  1. Jess Franco introduced in LOS BLUES DE LA CALLE POP


    One of my favorites, but in need of a proper OAR DVD. A colorful, satirical neo-noir, this would be perfect for Blu-ray, which takes place in "Shit City" where Jess Franco is the piano man, Antonio Mayans is the corrupt PI and Bogart looks down from the CASABLANCA poster on the wall. 

    A terrific score by Fernando Garcia Morcillo, in the jazz-blues vein, illuminated by blinding lens flares, it looks like a Punk graphic novel on film.

    Most amusing of all is that all the main characters are named after cigarette brands. Mayans is Felipe Marlboro, Jess Franco plays Sam Chesterfield! A hoot and one to search out.

    Only Jess Franco could have made this delightful film, iconoclastic, experimental and packed with cryptic jokes, secret codes and outrageous hairstyles.

04 June, 2013

SEXORCISMES now online!


Sexorcismes 1975 (French w/ Eng Subs) A Jess Franco Film w/ Lina Romay.avi | 1:20:50 Add to my collection

by Thunder.thor1
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VHSRip. Original UNCUT French version. Storyline: Mathis Vogel (Jess Franco) is a former priest who has been excommunicated by the Church for practicing the methods of the Inquisition. Now he writes extreme sadistic stories for a sleazy magazine in Paris. His fanatical religious fervour drives him to kidnap torture and kill sexually promiscuous young women in order to save their souls. (Banned in Europe and the US except France when it first came out in 1975 Jess Franco later released a tame English version for the international audience in 1979. The English version entitled Exorcism is available here on Vee.)
SEXORCISMES, the rarely seen alternate, harder/ "uncut" alternate version of Jess Franco's EXORCISM, in now available for online viewing at Veehd.com. This version retains the superior original French language track with the director's crucial voice performance as Mathis Vogel. It also contains scenes not in any other versions, including footage of women chained in a torture chamber in Vogel's attic. Jess Franco can also be seen participating in some of the erotic action in this version! A must see. But don't download the plugins at Veehd.com, Codec and Vaudix are associated with Malware which can damage your computer. Good luck!