17 November, 2015

EUGENIE...THE STORY OF HER JOURNEY INTO PERVERSION (Jess Franco, 1970) Mondo Digital Review Link

I hope to see this welcome HD upgrade of this essential title asap. In the meantime here is a link to an early review on MONDO-DIGITAL...

Color, 1970, 87m. Directed by Jess Franco Starring Maria Rohm, Marie Liljedahl, Jack Taylor, Christopher Lee, Paul MullerBlue Underground (Blu-ray & DVD) (US R0 HD/NTSC), Mediumrare (UK R2 PAL), Umbrella (Australia R0 PAL) / WS…

16 November, 2015

Some random ROLLS ROYCE BABY trivia

Just a random trivia nugget regarding Rolls Royce Baby: The exterior of Lina Romay's luxurious mansion in the film is actually Villa Wesendonck, originally the home of Richard Wagner's benefactor and most important financial backer Otto Wesendonck and since 1952 is part of the Rietberg Museum in Zurich.

Eagle-eyed viewers who've also viewed Dario Argento's Phenomena will recognise the cinematic use of this historical building again, fittingly as 'The Richard Wagner School for Girls'.

What is 'He's Dead Because of the Burglars'???

An interesting little tidbit...A filmography of Jess Franco films in an early issue of the UK horror magazine Samhain (Issue 5, Sept/Oct 1987) has something called 'He's Dead Because of the Burglars' listed as one of his films from 1979, though in my years of reading Franco articles/information I’ve never seen any other reference to this extremely bizarre ‘mystery’ title. Neither have Robert Monell or Francesco Cesari. This could be either (a) an obscure retitling (b) a never-filmed project, perhaps briefly mentioned by Franco in an old interview or elsewhere (c) an error by the authors of the filmography (d) a fictitious title dreamed up by someone (e) a long-lost film (unlikely). Note that The Hot Death aka 99 Women has been erroneously included here.