26 February, 2014

THE REVENGE OF THE ALLIGATOR LADIES (2014) Jess Franco & Antonio Mayans

Below is a link to a trailer for THE REVENGE OF THE ALLIGATOR LADIES, a film, which when released will constitute the very last film of the late Jess Franco. The film is reportedly made up of footage shot during the making of AL PEREIRA VS THE ALLIGATOR LADIES (2012) with new footage shot after the director's death by actor/production manager and longtime Jess Franco colleague, Antonio Mayans aka "Robert Foster."

Jess Franco will reportedly appear in the film along with Mayans, Carmen Montes, Paula Davis, Irene Verdu, Debbie Logan and other cast members of the first ALLIGATOR LADIES film. This will presumably be in the same erotic comedy-neo noir vein. Music by Pablo Villa [Jess Franco]. Ferran Herranz, the producer, has indicated that this new film will premiere in Spain this coming April.

If possible, I'll attempt to screen it and publish a review here asap.

15 February, 2014


EUGENIE, HISTORIA DE UNA PERVERSION (1980) Red lips close up in an extended, delirious montage of eyes, lips, clouds, reflections in this version of Sade's PHILOSOPHY IN THE BEDROOM. This version is very different in style and focus than the 1970 EUGENIE, THE STORY OF HER JOURNEY INTO PERVERSION. Once again illustrating that Jess Franco tells the same stories over and over, but in a different style and with an alternate emphasis each time. 

12 February, 2014

Je Brule de Partout (1978) Spoken opening credits....

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JE BRULE DE PARTOUT (1978) MHVF Archived Review

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Thanks to John Charles for sending me a link to the MHVF archives. I contributed a number of reviews to the Mobius Home Video Forums starting about 20 [!] years ago. I'll be posting archived Jess Franco reviews here.

 This one, discussing the 1978 JE BRULE DE PARTOUT, was published in May, 2000. This may have been the very last film Jess Franco directed for prolific producer Robert De Nesle, who died that same year.

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Review: I'M BURNING-UP ALL OVER (1978)

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aka JE BRULE DE PARTOUT. Directed by Jess Franco (credited as Jacques Aicrag). 

Jenny Goldstone (Susan Hemingway) is abducted after a night at a popular discotheque. She is the most recent victim to fall into the hands of an international white slavery cartel. The point person is the beautiful, blond Lorna (Brigitte Lahaie/Van Meerhaegue), whom along with her henchmen bundle the girls aboard a ship fitted with an orgy room into which a sedating "love drug" is piped. They are transported to a brothel in Portugal where one of Jenny's customers will turn out to be her own father, ironically the financier behind the ring. 
One of Jess Franco's more obscure sexploitation efforts, another Captive Women scenario, but not a Women In Prison knock-off. It could be listed in the Women-In-Peril sub-genre, a low budget women in night trafficking epic most notable for the presence of Ms. Lahaie who would go on to be featured in several memorable Jean Rollin titles (FASCINATION, NIGHT OF THE HUNTED). Lahaie, like Helga Line or Rosalba Neri, is one of those Euro-cult actresses whose stunning beauty is equaled by formidable acting talent. She can play a mean bitch (as here) or a pathetic victim (cf NIGHT OF THE HUNTED), and sometimes a bit of both (cf FASCINATION).

This was shot in less than a week and really looks it. The "love drug" sequences are represented by some smoke being forced through crudely cut rubber tubes. The love drug concept also turns up in Franco as early as SUMURU 2 (1968), and is also prominent in CAPTIVE WOMEN (1980) {see the self-explanatory still on p.143 of OBSESSION: THE FILMS OF JESS FRANCO to get a taste of the latter title}. 

Lahaie apparently quarreled with Franco on set and she doesn't look like a happy camper, but she does look terrific! Franco would later give her better roles in DARK MISSION and FACELESS (1988), both much higher budgeted productions than this no-budget erotica. My favorite part was the opening, set in a glittering disco. Franco pans up from Lahaie's black leather boots to the blinding colored-light show and you immediately know you're in Jess Franco territory (despite the use of one of his rarer pseudonyms during the amusing spoken credits). Franco even tries to work in his trusted Al Pereira private eye character, but Jean Ferrere's thug-like visage is no match for the more ambiguous mug of Antonio Mayans. Daniel J. White's moody trumpet score adds a dash of much needed atmosphere. This women-in-peril oddity was one of three hardcore quickies produced by the late Robert de Nesle and directed by Franco in 1978, one of the director's less than favorite years.
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09 February, 2014


Here's the MDVC hard plastic clamshell VHS box in which you get the cassette. I'll also be posting some separate views. Of course, Spanish language only, sans English subtitles. This film still has not appeared on North American/NTSC VHS/DVD.

Once again, the film itself is the 1980 EUGENIE, HISTORIA DE UNA PERVERSION, another version of Sade's PHILOSOPHY IN THE BEDROOM (1795), previously filmed in 1969 as EUGENIE, THE STORY OF HER JOURNEY INTO PERVERSION, featuring Christopher Lee, Maria Towers and Jack Taylor. This would also be filmed by the director as a Robert De Nesle financed project, the hardcore COCKTAIL SPECIAL, a 1978 production which appears to have been the last film JF made for the prolific French producer, who died that year.

More views of the box and images from the film  to come. This is one of my favorite versions of the text, which the director would make again and again. Not to be confused with Franco's version of Sade's 1788 "Moral Tale" EUGENIE DE FRANVAL [EUGENIE DE SADE-1970].

08 February, 2014


In the 1980s and 90s a series of Spanish language VHS cassettes were marketed as Adult films by Caliente Video and Million Dollar Video Corp. A Dali image from EUGENIE, HISTORIA DE UNA PERVERSION/EROTISMO-VHS title. More to come in future blogs!
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01 February, 2014

ARTUS FILMS Jess Franco 7 DVD Collection


Valable jusqu'au 10 février 2014
- Le miroir obscène - 2 DVD
- Les inassouvies
- Sumuru, la cité sans hommes
- La comtesse perverse
- Célestine, bonne à tout faire
- Plaisir à trois
- Venus in furs