03 October, 2010

31 Jess Franco Halloween Horrors: KISS ME, MONSTER


The Red Lips detective agency (Janine Reynaud and Rossana Yanni) investigate a mad scientist (Michel Lemoine) who is creating an army of mutants for eventual world domination. An interpol agent (producer Hoven), a lesbian cult and an organization of black hooded figures are also on the trail. Look out for two separate Jess Franco cameos.

Our third entry is this really odd parody of Gothic Horror films made in 1967 back to back, or maybe simultaneously with TWO UNDERCOVER ANGELS aka EL CASO DE LAS DOS BELLEZAS, preferred title ROTE LIPPEN-SADISTEROTICA. The Spanish version of this Aquila Films/ Berlin (Adrian Hoven-Pier A. Caminecci) copoduction with Spain's Films Montana is 83 m and very different from the English language version available on US DVD. It has an alternate, superior score and is missing several scenes which were added by the producers/distributors which Franco did not film (ie: the opening car chase is from another film and there is a jazz fest sequence which was lifted from an unknown source) but are included in the English language export version. The six additional minutes are mostly dialogue/transitional scenes. 

The Spanish version BESAME, MONSTRUO is also "covered" but seems to reflect the director's original intent more accurately. 

In any version a weird mix of horror, science fiction, mystery, crime, Eurospy, lounge interludes, striptease, slapstick and encoded musical motifs.

Thanks to Francesco Cesari for helping me see the Spanish version, BESAME MONSTRUO.


dfordoom said...

This is my favourite of the two Red Lips movies. It's Franco in fun mode.

Robert Monell said...

The Spanish versions of both the 67 Red Lips movies are longer and very different. I would like to see the first 1960 Red Lips episode, LABIOS ROJOS. It's MIA at present.

Horst said...

"there is a jazz fest sequence which was lifted from an unknown source"

Hi Robert!
I'm not sure if you mean the sequence with the strip girl on the red floor. In case yes: according to Dieter Menz, who was an uncredited co-producer on these two RED LIPS films, Jess Franco shot this sequence in a Munich nightclub called "Blow up".

Robert Monell said...

Thanks for that information, Horst. I meant the sequence where you see people watching Jazz musicians play on a stage. You see the audience dancing, etc. It looks different from Franco's usual style. In fact, it's not in the Spanish version. I think that sequence you mention may be in both RED LIPS films with different music! I'm just comparing the US and Spanish versions, but there are also German versions out there.

Douglas A. Waltz said...

I would love to fins a copy of Labios Rojo!