30 January, 2010


Elisabeth Taylor (Pamela Stanford)is eaten alive by cannibals in MONDO CANNIBALE...

Severin DVD presentation...

Jungle gore...

Sex before death by cannibal in DEVIL HUNTER...


Kill them all and come back alone! The towering, vision-challenged cannibal...

From GRITOS EN LA NOCHE (1961) to SNAKEWOMAN (2005) the search for an elusive woman forms the structure of the narrative. Women are at the center of Franco's world and filmography, vampires like Irina in FEMALE VAMPIRE (1973) or Soledad Miranda's Countess in VAMPYROS LESBOS, sadists like Eugenie in EUGENIE DE SADE (1970) or Martine in PLAISIR A TROIS (1973). Women as predators.

Sometimes, as in his numerous Women in Prison titles, the woman can be both the predator (the female wardens in 99 WOMEN, BARBED WIRE DOLLS, etc) and victims (the tortured inmates in those films (usually played by Lina Romay).

Two 1980 co-productions, SEXO CANIBAL aka DEVIL HUNTER and WHITE CANNIBAL QUEEN aka MONDO CANNIBALE aka CANNIBALS, present the woman-as-pursued/victim side of the coin.

Watching both again recently allowed me to set aside the fact that they are hardly first tier Franco or even good cannibal films and take them for what they are: in the case of DEVIL HUNTER, a monster movie-adventure as the director points out in the Severin DVD interview; a personal statement of his position in the industry and a commentary on Italian cannibal films in CANNIBALS.

Given the availability of Al Cliver, who had already appeared in Fulci's successful comback, ZOMBIE (1979), I take it that these were shot back-to-back. DEVIL HUNTER, a French-Spanish-German co production, CANNIBALS, a French-Spanish co production with the Italians as perhaps silent partners (A FILM BY FRANCO PROSPERI). Both deal with an adventurer-hunter (Cliver) who travels to a tropical region in search of an abducted by woman. They both end with Cliver having to fight a cannibal to get away with the woman. The fact that the woman is a lithe blond in both cases is not insignificant. White is civilized, Black is primitive in both. Ironically, in CANNIBALS, the cannibal tribe are played by Spanish gypsies (according to the director) who are not black but do wear colorful, stylized facial makeup.

When the Portuguese guide, Mr. Martin, shows up, played by Jess Franco himself, it's difficult to not hear the character's self defense as the director's own self-summation. He complains that he's just trying to keep body and soul together by dealing with both sides of the struggle. The sexual abuse of the abducted woman in DEVIL HUNTER, then, is a crude way to insert sexploitation (excuse the bad pun) into a gore-adventure scenario, while there's no sex at all, but jaw-dropping slow motion cannibal feasts in CANNIBALS.

Jess is having fun with the genre he obviously has little respect for. He's not really well-suited to either adventure films or cannibal-gore films. What he can do is have as much fun as possible, put in his own personal comments and self-critique, and run for cover.


26 January, 2010


I recently discovered this online filmography of Lina Romay. Please note any omissions/factual errors you find in the comment area.

The filmo lists her involvement with The Black Man's Guide to Understanding Black Women (executive producer), a film of which I was totally unaware. It's on the IMDB as a US production but her name isn't mentioned. Can anyone clarify this credit?

Also the German WIP hardcore sleazefest ANGEL OF DEATH 2 (2007) isn't mentioned. Or am I missing something? In any case, that's a Franco-related film I've yet to catch.

I will send any corrections to the webmaster.


A by-the-year Spanish horror filmography can also be found
by exploring the site.

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18 January, 2010

Portuguese Locations; Deja Vu

These 19th Century structures, including Sintra's Municipal tower, are captured in the opening shots of DRACULA CONTRA FRANKENSTEIN (1971).

The castle at Sintra, Portugal, an official photo with the national flag. NOT a shot from a Jess Franco film.

Below is an example of a familiar location seen in a number of Jess Franco films. The below shot is from VOODOO PASSION aka RUF DER BLONDEN GOTTIN (1977). The same location, shot from the exact same set-up also appears in CECILIA aka Aberraciones Sexuales de una Mujer Casada (1980). It is near the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park.

Sintra was considered by Lord Byron to be the most beautiful city in the world. The magical atmosphere of such films as VIRGIN AMONG THE LIVING DEAD, DRACULA CONTRA FRANKENSTEIN and LA FILLE DE DRACULA also owe much to these locations.

His films always have a certain look to them and it has a lot to do with the recycled locations as well as techniques.

Was this the only viable angle? Maybe. Can anyone identify this location from any other JF films?


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15 January, 2010

Enter the Wild World of Ignacio Iquino....

You've seen her before in several Paul Naschy films. Thanks to Nzoog for this rare photonovel cover and following images.

Ignacio F. Iquino digs deep....

This actress was Satan's midwife in SECTA SINIESTRA (BLOODY SECT), an over-the-top gorefest which isn't available on R1 VHS or DVD and won't be anytime soon! Find out more about her on THE FILMS OF IGNACIO IQUINO...

Exclusively at
Alice Arno and Silvia Solar are already there...


Ignacio F. Iquino (1910-1994), one of Spain's most prolific and eclectic exploitation directors, gives even Jess Franco a run for his money.

Tired of reading similar sounding reviews of the same movies over and over?

If titles like BLOODY SECT and ABORTO CRIMINAL pique your interest, if you are in search of reviews, discussion and rare, colorful images of films rarely, if ever, discussed on most Internet movie sites, visit THE FILMS OF IGNACIO IQUINO thread now featured on CINEMADROME, where the outre, the ultra-obscure, the hard-to-find are unearthed, examined and revealed.

Read Nzoog's in-depth reviews of Iquino's obscure, outrageous filmography illustrated with many rare images, posters and stills from his collection.

Exclusively at CINEMADROME.

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09 January, 2010

CINEMADROME - THE WORLD OF JESS FRANCO FORUM - PAULA-PAULA: An Audiovisual Experience- New Jess Franco Film ordering and info

CINEMADROME - THE WORLD OF JESS FRANCO FORUM - PAULA-PAULA: An Audiovisual Experience- New Jess Franco Film ordering and info- www.paula-paula.com

"Paula-Paula; an audiovisual experience" is the new Jess Franco feature film. Inspired by Stevenson's Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, it's an homage to the master musician Friedrich Gulda.
One of the most strange films by Jess Franco, "Paula-Paula" is, in his own words, a different look to the erotic and mystery cinema..."

More links and information from the company who will release this DVD of Jess Franco's newest ... an experimental-erotic film noir.

04 January, 2010


Aristide Massaccesi aka Joe D'Amato

Shark attack!

A Gothic Masterpiece directed by "Aristide Massaccesi"

Joe D'Amato fan: A Duel of the Titans? D'Amato would rework three mid 1970's Franco films into the composite JUSTINE (1979).

D'Amato took a chance and produced the final film of the virtually unemployable Lucio Fulci. A financial failure, the moody, low key thriller is one of the Fulici's least gory and most finely tuned horror films.

Let me start by stating that if Aristide Massaccesi aka Joe D'Amato did nothing else except produce Claudio Fragasso's stunningly round the bend TROLL 2 (1990) he would be qualify for immortality in my book. But he did more... much, much more.

Aristide Massaccesi was a cinematographer (WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO SOLANGE?), a producer of such films as Michele Soavi's acclaimed directorial debut STAGE FRIGHT (1987), and a director of countless films bearing the credit Directed by Joe D'Amato. Look at the list below from the IMDB. I'm pretty sure it's incomplete. It makes him even more prolific than Jess Franco (whom the IMDB gives 190 features, which is also probably incomplete), who is often cited as the most prolific director of all time. I once wrote a series of columns for the late, great ETC magazine titled FRANCO VS. D'AMATO. But the two Titans really form kind of the Yin and Yang of European Trash Cinema from the 1960s to the present. It's not the quantity, but the quality. Right?

While waiting for a ride to a New Year's Eve party last Thursday I watched D'Amato's BLUE ANGEL CAFE aka OBJECT OF DESIRE on the PRIVATE SCREENINGS video. This 1989 filmed-in-New Orleans soft core melodrama is about a candidate for Governor (Richard Brown) who becomes obsessed and then destroyed by his lust for a cheap lounge chanteuse (Tara Buckman). It's a cheap, glossily photographed, sleazy, highly entertaining update of a classic film. And it has an electrifying uncredited cameo by Laura Gemser doing of nude photo shoot of Ms. Buckman. It took either courage or a mixture of greed and pretension to use Von Sternberg's masterwork as a model for this FILMIRAGE knock-off. But it works. It looks like a cable telefilm now and the rather mild sex scenes seem tame given what is now available via VOD and on the Internet.

Later, during the party, I discussed D'Amato's career with a friend who expressed "disappointment" with his total immersion in hard core porno from the early 80s to the time of his death. Actually, the hard core numbers I've seen are impressively photographed and have a lighter-than-air quality with little of the mean spirit quality hard core sometimes has. They are well-crafted fantasies by a master cinematographer-director.

But that was then and this is now. Massaccesi became Joe D'Amato after using his real name for his best film, LA MORTE HA SORRISO ALL'ASSASSINO (1973) aka DEATH SMILES AT MURDER, a non-linear Gothic featuring Ewa Aulin and Klaus Kinski, a haunting Berto Pisano score and an ending which rewards multiple viewings. It stands up to the best of Mario Bava and Riccardo Freda but the director has nowhere near their reputation. He doesn't even have the wide fan base of Franco or Lucio Fulci.

As the IMDB filmography illustrates he's still credited with films up to 2005! That's a bulging portfolio with numerous hidden treasures and pleasant surprises like BLUE ANGEL CAFE.

I think Massaccesi/D'Amato is every bit as qualified for auteur status as many others. His work ranges from westerns (including the hard core JOE D'AMATO'S OUTLAWS), nunsploitation (IMAGES IN A CONVENT), Cannibal films (EMANUELLE AND THE LAST CANNIBALS), zombie films (EROTIC NIGHTS OF THE LIVING DEAD which mixed hard core, Laura Gemser and tropical flesh eaters) killer-shark horror (DEEP BLOOD), post-apocalypse sci-fi (ENDGAME; 2020 TEXAS GLADIATORS), peplum (the 1982 CALIGULA: THE UNTOLD STORY, 30 seconds of which appears during an orgy scene in Borowczyk's 1983 THE ART OF LOVE [see the new DVD from Severin]). Given that Borowczyk is often cited as an upscale pornographer D'Amato may seem like a busy imitator.

In 1979 D'Amato took the role of supervising editor, compositing three Franco films, reworking them into JUSTINE (1979-1980), a hardcore feature he post-produced. I'll be discussing this process in more detail in a future blog.

I certainly haven't seen as many D'Amato films as I have Jess Franco films and I only have a fraction of his extensive filmography on VHS/DVD, whereas my Franco collection is taking over everything else. But Joe D'Amato was a worthy, self-made artist/artisan of the erotic and this January 23rd marks the 11th anniversary of his death.
  1. Le fatiche erotiche di Ercole (2005) (V)
    ... aka Hercules: A Sex Adventure (International: English title)
    ... aka Le sexy avventure di Hercules (Italy: alternative title)
    ... aka The Sexual Challenges of Hercules (International: English title)
  2. Diabolique (2000) (V) (as Michael Di Caprio)

  3. Harem 2000 (1999) (V)
  4. Rocco e i mercenari (1999) (V)
    ... aka Outlaws 2
    ... aka Outlaws: Part Two (USA: video box title)
    ... aka The Final Assault (USA)
  5. Vicende intime 2 (1999) (V)
    ... aka Experiences 2 (USA)
  6. Experiencias eroticas (1999) (V)
    ... aka Experiences (USA)
    ... aka Vicende intime 1 (Italy: alternative title)
  7. Sogni di una ragazza di campagna (1999) (V)
    ... aka Dreams of a Cuntry Girl
    ... aka Puberty (USA)
  8. Prague Exposed (1999) (V)
  9. Showgirl (1998) (V)
  10. Selen nell'Isola del tesoro (1998) (V)
    ... aka Selen on Treasure Island
    ... aka Selen the Girl from Treasure Island
  11. Anima ribelle (1998) (V)
    ... aka Selen anima ribelle (Italy: DVD box title)
  12. As Aventuras sexuals de Ulysses (1998) (V)
    ... aka Ulysses (Italy: alternative title)
  13. Blow up (1998) (as Raf de Palma)
  14. Calamity Jane (1998) (V)
  15. Calamity Jane 2 (1998) (V)
  16. Calde libra - No limit (1998) (V)
    ... aka Cop Sucker (USA)
  17. Capricci anali (1998) (V)
    ... aka Hell's Angel 3 (USA)
  18. Crema batida (1998) (V)
  19. Elixir (1998) (V) (as Joe d'Amato)
  20. Eternal Desire (1998) (V)
    ... aka Desiderio eterno (Italy)
  21. Hell's Angel (1998) (V)
    ... aka Demons of Lust (USA: DVD box title)
    ... aka Hell's Angel 1 (USA)
    ... aka Il vizio del peccato (Italy)
  22. Il fantasma (1998) (V)
    ... aka Phantom (USA: DVD title)
  23. Initiation of Belle (1998) (V)
  24. I predatori della verginità perduta (1998) (V)
    ... aka Raiders (USA)
  25. I predatori delle Antille (1998) (as David Hills)
    ... aka Tortuga (Italy: alternative title)
  26. La maschera di ferro (1998) (V)
    ... aka Lady in the Iron Mask (USA: DVD title)
  27. Lussuria (1998) (V)
    ... aka Rio Lust (USA)
  28. Prima e dopo la cura (1998) (V)
  29. Rocco e i magnifici 7 (1998) (V)
    ... aka Joe D'Amato's 'Outlaws' (USA)
    ... aka Outlaws 1 (USA)
  30. Sahara (1998) (V)
    ... aka Queen of Elephants 2: Sahara
  31. Samson in the Amazon's Land (1998) (V)
    ... aka Ercole e Sansone nella terra delle Amazzoni (Italy)
    ... aka Hercules and Samson in the Land of the Amazons
    ... aka Le porno gladiatrici (Italy: DVD box title)
  32. Raw and Naked (1997) (V)
    ... aka Notgeil & wild (Germany: video box title)
    ... aka Notgeil und wild (Germany)
  33. Forbidden Diary of the Two Princesses (1997) (V)
    ... aka Princess - Blaues Blut, heiße Nächte (Germany: alternative title)
    ... aka Ravishing Royalty (USA: alternative title)
  34. Afrodite: La dea dell'amore (1997) (V) (as Raf De Palma)
    ... aka Aphrodite: Die Göttin der Lust (Germany)
    ... aka Aphrodite: Goddess of Love (International: English title)
  35. Anal Perversions of Lolita (1997) (V)
    ... aka House of Anal Pervsions (USA)
  36. Caligola: Follia del potere (1997) (V) (as Joe De Mato) (as Raf De Palma)
    ... aka Caligula: The Deviant Emperor (USA: video box title)
    ... aka Caligula: The Diviant Emperor (Canada: English title)
  37. All the President's Women (1997) (V)
  38. Goya and the Naked Maja (1997) (V)
    ... aka Goya, la maja desnuda (Spain: alternative title)
  39. I misteri dell'Eros (1997)
    ... aka Rocco's Ghost (USA)
    ... aka The Mystery of Eros (International: English title)
  40. La iena (1997)
    ... aka Fatal Seduction
    ... aka The Hyena (USA)
  41. La regina degli elefanti (1997) (V)
    ... aka Queen of Elephants (International: English title)
    ... aka Queen of the Elephants (USA: DVD box title)
  42. Le stagioni di Bel (1997) (V)
    ... aka Lulu's Nights (International: English title)
  43. Nerone, perversioni dell' impero (1997) (V) (as Raf De Palma)
    ... aka Nero: Orgy of Fire (USA)
  44. Olympus: Rifugio degli dei (1997) (V)
    ... aka Olympus: Refuge of Gods (International: English title)
  45. Othello 2000 (1997) (V)
    ... aka Othello: Dangerous Desire (USA: alternative title)
  46. Peccati di gola (1997) (V)
    ... aka Hell's Angel 2 (USA)
    ... aka The Seven Sexy Sins (USA: DVD box title)
  47. Rudy (1997) (V)
    ... aka Rudolph Valentino, American Lover (International: English title)
    ... aka Rudy, the Valentino Story (International: English title)
    ... aka The Lover: The Valentino Story (International: English title)
  48. Sodoma & Gomorra (1997) (V)
    ... aka Sodom & Gamorra (USA: video box title)
    ... aka Sodom & Gomorra (Canada: English title)
  49. Strip-tease (1997) (V)
    ... aka Striptease - Ragazze facili (Italy)
  50. Torero (1996) (V)
  51. Sea, Sex & Fun (1996) (V)
  52. Robin Hood: Thief of Wives (1996) (V)
    ... aka Robin Hood (International: English title)
    ... aka Robin Hood: The Sex Legend (International: English title)
    ... aka Robin: Thief of Wives (International: English title)
    ... aka Un amore leggendario (Italy: soft porn version)
  53. 1001 Nights (1996) (V) (uncredited)
    ... aka Le mille e una notte (Italy)
  54. A cena con le amiche (1996) (V)
    ... aka Lunch Party (USA)
  55. Amore & Psiche (1996) (V)
    ... aka Amore & Psyche nel regno di Eros (Italy: video box title)
    ... aka E-r-o-s: The God of Passion (Canada: English title: video box title)
    ... aka Love & Psyche (USA: DVD title)
  56. Antonio e Cleopatra (1996) (V)
    ... aka Anthony & Cleopatra
    ... aka The Love Nights of Anthony and Cleopatra (USA)
  57. Carmen (1996) (V)
    ... aka Carmen - La zoccola spagnola (Italy)
    ... aka Too Much Sex (Italy: soft porn version)
  58. Checkmate (1996) (V)
    ... aka Checkmate (Obscene Proposal) (Italy: soft porn version)
  59. Daisy & Louise (1996) (V) (uncredited)
  60. Donna Flor (1996) (V)
    ... aka Donna Flor and Her Three Husbands (USA)
    ... aka Donna Flor e i suoi tre mariti (Italy)
  61. Flamenco Ecstasy (1996) (V)
  62. Giulietta e Romeo (1996)
    ... aka Juliet & Romeo
  63. Il monaco (1996) (V)
  64. Kamasutra (1996) (V)
    ... aka Forbidden Sex of the Chinese Kama Sutra (Italy: soft porn version)
    ... aka Forbidden Sex of the Kama Sutra (USA: video box title)
  65. Ladrón de amor (1996) (V)
    ... aka Thief of Love (International: English title) (USA)
    ... aka Ladro d'amore - Giacomo Casanova (Italy)
  66. Le combat des chefs (1996) (V)
    ... aka The Boxer 2 (USA: DVD title)
    ... aka The Stallion 2 (USA)
  67. Le porcone volanti (1996) (V) (as John Bird)
    ... aka The Flying Doctors (USA)
  68. Messalina (1996) (V)
    ... aka Messalina (Italy: soft porn version)
    ... aka Messalina: The Virgin Empress (USA)
  69. Penitenziario femminile (1996)
    ... aka Sex Penitentiary (USA)
  70. Primal Instinct (1996) (V)
    ... aka Anal Instinct
  71. Seducción gitana (1996) (V)
    ... aka Gypsy Seduction (International: English title)
    ... aka Seduzione gitana (Italy)
  72. The Joy Club (1996) (V)
  73. The Last Fight (1996) (V)
    ... aka Rocco the Last Fight (Italy: complete title)
  74. The VeneXiana (1996) (V) (as Michael Di Caprio)
  75. Top Girl (1996) (V) (as Andrea Massai)
  76. Wild East (1996) (V)
  77. 120 Days of Anal (1995) (V)
    ... aka 120 Days of Sodom
    ... aka Anal Palace (USA: DVD title)
  78. Marco Polo: La storia mai raccontata (1995) (V)
    ... aka Marco Polo (USA)
    ... aka Marco Polo - Oriental Sex Journey (International: English title)
    ... aka Oriental Sex Journey
    ... aka The Erotic Adventures of Marco Polo (USA: video box title)
    ... aka The Untold Story of Marco Polo
  79. Adolescenza (1995) (V)
    ... aka All Grown Up (International: English title)
  80. Amadeus Mozart (1995) (V)
  81. Colpo dell'anno (1995) (V)
    ... aka Colpo dell'an(n)o (Italy)
    ... aka Erotic Bluff (USA)
  82. Dangerous (1995) (V)
    ... aka Danno d'amore (Italy)
    ... aka Il danno (Italy)
    ... aka Irreparable Damage (International: English title)
  83. Decameron Tales I (1995) (V) (uncredited)
    ... aka Decameron X - 1 (Germany)
  84. Decameron Tales II (1995) (uncredited)
    ... aka Decameron X - 2 (Germany)
  85. Don Salvatore - l'ultimo Siciliano (1995)
    ... aka Don Salvatore: The Last Sicilian (International: English title)
  86. Dr. Rocco et m. Sodo (1995) (V)
  87. Fuga di mezzanotte (1995) (V)
    ... aka Fuga all'alba (Italy)
    ... aka Midnight Obsession (USA)
  88. Gangland Bangers (1995) (V)
    ... aka Sly Dog
  89. Homo Erectus (1995) (V)
    ... aka Jurassic Pork
  90. Il barone von Masoch (1995) (V)
    ... aka The Barone von Masoch (USA)
  91. L'alcova dei piaceri proibiti (1995) (V) (uncredited)
  92. Le bambole del führer (1995) (V)
    ... aka Trappola perversa (Italy: video box title)
  93. Operation Sex (1995) (V)
    ... aka Saloon Kiss (Italy: alternative title)
  94. Paprika (1995)
    ... aka Anal Paprika
    ... aka The Last Italian Whore
  95. Passion in Venice (1995) (V)
    ... aka Passione travolgente a Venezia (Italy)
  96. Provocation (1995)
    ... aka Provocazione (Italy: alternative title)
  97. Some Like It Hard (1995) (V)
    ... aka Capone (USA)
    ... aka Le intoccabili - The Untouchables (Italy)
    ... aka Wonderful Untouchable (Italy: soft porn version)
  98. Tarzhard: Il ritorno (1995) (V)
    ... aka Tarzan 2 - Il ritorno del figlio della giungla (Italy)
    ... aka Tarzhard - The Return (International: English title)
    ... aka Tharzan 2 (Italy)
  99. The Erotic Adventures of Aladdin X (1995) (V) (uncredited)
    ... aka Erotic Dreams of Aladdin (USA: DVD title)
  100. Virility (1995) (V)
    ... aka Malizia italiana (Italy)
    ... aka The Leopard (USA)
  101. La casa del piacere (1994)
    ... aka 11 Days 11 Nights: Part 7 - The House of Pleasure (UK: DVD box title)
    ... aka The House of Pleasure (International: English title)
  102. China and Sex - Cina e sesso (1994) (as Robert Yip)
    ... aka China and Sex (International: English title)
  103. Fantasmi al castello (1994) (V)
    ... aka Amazing Sex (USA)
  104. Ladri e gentiluomini (1994) (V) (uncredited)
    ... aka Donne, gioielli... e culi belli (Italy)
  105. Le casalinghe P... gli stalloni (1994) (as Una Pierre)
  106. Marquis de Sade (1994)
    ... aka Il marchése De Sade - Oltre ogni perversione (Italy)
    ... aka Il marchese de Sade (Italy: alternative title)
  107. Palestra - Attrezzi per signora (1994) (V) (as Alexandre Borsky)
    ... aka Gymnasium (USA)
  108. Sexy caccia al tesoro (1994) (V) (uncredited)
    ... aka Sexy Treasure Hunt Show (USA: video CD title)
  109. Tarzan, il figlio de la jungla (1994) (V) (as Joe Damato)
    ... aka Jungle Heat (USA: video title) (USA)
    ... aka Avventure erotiche nella giungla (Italy: soft porn version)
    ... aka Jane: The Sexual Adventures of a Jungle Girl (USA: video catalogue title)
    ... aka Tarzan X
    ... aka Tarzan-X: Shame of Jane (USA)
    ... aka Tarzhard
    ... aka Tharzan
  110. I racconti della camera rossa (1993) (as Robert Yip)
  111. Chinese Kamasutra - Kamasutra cinese (1993) (as Chang Lee Sun)
    ... aka Chinese Kama Sutra (Italy: poster title)
    ... aka Chinese Kamasutra (International: English title)
  112. Il labirinto dei sensi (1993)
    ... aka 11 Days 11 Nights: Part 6 - The Labyrinth of Love (UK: DVD box title)
    ... aka The Labyrinth of Love (International: English title)
  113. Rosa (1993) (V) (as Alexandre Borsky)
    ... aka Francesco & Rosa
    ... aka Rosa & Francesca (USA: DVD title)
    ... aka Rosa... (Caldi rapporti anali) (Italy: long title)
  114. Francesca's Castle (1992) (as Alexandre Borsky)
    ... aka Goduria anale (Italy: alternative title)
  115. Sul filo del rasoio (1992) (as James Burke)
    ... aka On the Razor's Edge
  116. Una tenera storia (1992)
    ... aka Love Project
  117. Il diavolo nella carne (1991)
    ... aka Devil in the Flesh
  118. La donna di una sera (1991)
    ... aka A Woman's Secret
    ... aka Il segreto di una donna (Italy)
  119. Ossessione fatale (1991)
    ... aka Dangerous Game
    ... aka Dangerous Obsession
  120. Ritorno dalla morte (1991) (as David Hills)
    ... aka Frankenstein 2000
    ... aka Return from Death: Frankenstein 2000
  121. Contamination .7 (1990) (as David Hills)
    ... aka Creepers (USA)
    ... aka The Crawlers (USA)
    ... aka Troll 3 (USA)
    ... aka Troll III: Contamination Point 7 (USA)
  122. Passion's Flower (1990)
    ... aka Il fiore della passione (Italy)
    ... aka Passion (USA: video box title)
  123. Quest for the Mighty Sword (1990) (as David Hills)
    ... aka Ator III: The Hobgoblin (International: English title)
    ... aka The Hobgoblin (International: English title)
    ... aka The Lord of Akili (Italy: alternative title)
  124. Undici giorni, undici notti 2 (1990)
    ... aka 11 Days, 11 Nights 2 (USA)
    ... aka Eleven Days, Eleven Nights 2 (USA)
    ... aka Web of Desire: 11 Days 11 Nights 4 (UK: video title)

  125. Blue Angel Cafe (1989)
    ... aka Object of Desire
  126. Any Time, Any Play (1989)
    ... aka Dove vuoi quando vuoi (Italy)
  127. High Finance Woman (1989)
    ... aka La signora di Wall Street
    ... aka The Loves of a Wall Street Woman
  128. Sangue negli abissi (1989) (uncredited)
    ... aka Deep Blood (International: English title)
    ... aka Squali (Italy: alternative title)
  129. Amore sporco (1988)
    ... aka 11 Days 11 Nights: Part 5 - Dirty Love (UK: DVD box title)
    ... aka Dirty Love
  130. Top Model (1988)
    ... aka 11 Days 11 Nights Part 2: 'The Sequel' (UK: video box title)
    ... aka 11 Days 11 Nights: Part 2 - The Twilight World (UK: DVD box title)
    ... aka Eleven Days, Eleven Nights, Part 2: The Sequel (UK)
  131. Delizia (1987)
  132. Killing birds - uccelli assassini (1987) (uncredited)
    ... aka Dark Eyes of the Zombie
    ... aka Killing Birds - Raptors (Italy: video title)
    ... aka Raptors
    ... aka Zombie 5: Killing Birds (USA: DVD box title)
  133. Pomeriggio caldo (1987)
    ... aka 11 Days 11 Nights Part 3 (UK)
    ... aka 11 Days 11 Nights Part III: The Final Chapter (UK: video title)
    ... aka 11 Days 11 Nights: Part 3 - Bizarre Voodoo Rituals (UK: DVD box title)
    ... aka Afternoon
    ... aka Hot Afternoon (Europe: English title)
    ... aka Undici giorni, undici notti 3 (USA)
  134. La monaca del peccato (1986) (as Dario Donati)
    ... aka The Convent of Sinners
  135. Lussuria (1986)
    ... aka A Lustful Mind
    ... aka Lust
  136. Undici giorni, undici notti (1986)
    ... aka 11 Days 11 Nights: Part 1 - Fantasy Becomes Reality (UK: DVD box title)
    ... aka Eleven Days, Eleven Nights
  137. Voglia di guardare (1986)
    ... aka Christina
    ... aka Midnight Gigolo
  138. Il piacere (1985)
    ... aka The Pleasure
  139. Ator l'invincibile 2 (1984) (as David Hills)
    ... aka Ator the Invincible (USA: literal English title)
    ... aka Ator, the Blade Master
    ... aka Cave Dwellers (USA: TV title)
    ... aka The Blade Master (USA)
    ... aka The Return
  140. L'alcova (1984)
    ... aka Lust (UK: video title)
    ... aka The Alcove
  141. Endgame - Bronx lotta finale (1983) (as Steven Benson)
    ... aka Endgame (USA: cable TV title)
    ... aka Endgame, gioco finale (Italy: alternative title)
  142. Messalina orgasmo imperiale (1983) (as O.J. Clarke)
  143. Le déchaînement pervers de Manuela (1983) (as John Bird)
    ... aka Emanuelle's Perverse Outburst (Europe: English title)
    ... aka Manuela (Italy: video title)
    ... aka Unleashed Perversions of Emanuelle (USA: informal English title)
  144. Una vergine per l'Impero Romano (1983) (as Jim Black)
  145. Love in Hong Kong (1983)
  146. Ator l'invincibile (1982) (as David Hills)
    ... aka Ator
    ... aka Ator the Invincible (International: English title: informal literal title)
    ... aka Ator, l'aquila battante (Italy: alternative title)
    ... aka Ator, the Fighting Eagle (USA)
  147. Delizie erotiche (1982)
    ... aka Erotic Delights (International: English title)
  148. Caligola: La storia mai raccontata (1982) (as David Hills)
    ... aka Caligula 2 - The Untold Story (International: English title: video title)
    ... aka Caligula II: The Untold Story
    ... aka Caligula: The Untold Story (UK)
    ... aka Emperor Caligula (Italy: alternative title)
    ... aka Emperor Caligula: The Garden of Taboo (USA: video title)
    ... aka L'imperatore Caligula (Italy: alternative title)
    ... aka The Emperor Caligula: The Untold Story (USA)
  149. Stretta e bagnata (1982) (uncredited)
  150. Anno 2020 - I gladiatori del futuro (1982) (action scenes) (as Kevin Mancuso)
    ... aka 2020 Freedom Fighters (UK)
    ... aka 2020 Texas Gladiators
    ... aka One Eye Force (Europe: English title: video title)
  151. Orgasmo esotico (1982) (as Lee Castle)
    ... aka Orgasmo erotico (Italy: alternative title)
  152. Caldo profumo di vergine (1981)
  153. Voglia di sesso (1981) (as Alexandre Borsky)
    ... aka Lust for Sex (International: English title: literal title)
  154. Rosso sangue (1981) (as Peter Newton)
    ... aka Absurd (International: English title) (USA)
    ... aka Monster Hunter (USA)
    ... aka Antropophagus 2
    ... aka Horrible (USA: DVD title)
    ... aka The Grim Reaper 2
    ... aka Zombie 6: Monster Hunter
  155. Sesso acerbo (1981)
    ... aka Bitter Sex (International: English title: literal title)
  156. Bocca golosa (1981) (as Alexandre Borski)
    ... aka Greedy Mouth
  157. Porno holocaust (1981)
    ... aka Porno Holocaust (USA)
  158. La voglia (1981)
    ... aka Desire
  159. Le notti erotiche dei morti viventi (1980)
    ... aka Erotic Nights of the Living Dead (USA: DVD box title)
    ... aka La notte degli zombies (Italy: alternative title)
    ... aka Le notti erotiche (Italy: video box title)
    ... aka Nite of the Zombies (USA: promotional title)
    ... aka Queen of the Zombies (USA: video title)
    ... aka Sexy Nights of the Living Dead (USA)
  160. Porno Esotic Love (1980)
    ... aka Porno Exotic Love (USA)
    ... aka Sexy Erotic Love (Italy)
  161. Antropophagus (1980)
    ... aka Anthropophagous: The Beast (UK: video title)
    ... aka Anthropophagus: The Grim Reaper (USA: DVD box title)
    ... aka Antropofago (Italy)
    ... aka Man Beast
    ... aka The Beast (UK: video title)
    ... aka The Grim Reaper (USA: censored version)
    ... aka The Savage Island
    ... aka The Zombie's Rage (USA: reissue title)
  162. Sesso nero (1980)
    ... aka Black Sex
    ... aka Orgasmo Nero III (International: English title: video title)
  163. Blue Erotic Climax (1980)
  164. Hard Sensation (1980)
  165. Orgasmo nero (1980)
    ... aka Black Orgasm
    ... aka Orgasmo negro (Dominican Republic)
    ... aka Sex and Black Magic (USA)
    ... aka Voodoo Baby
  166. Paradiso Blu (1980) (as Anna Bergman)
    ... aka Blue Paradise
  167. Super Climax (1980) (as Alexandre Borsky)
    ... aka Passions brûlantes (France)

  168. Buio Omega (1979)
    ... aka Beyond the Darkness
    ... aka Blue Holocaust
    ... aka Buried Alive (USA: dubbed version)
    ... aka In quella casa... buio omega (Italy: reissue title)
    ... aka The Final Darkness (USA)
  169. Il porno shop della settima strada (1979)
    ... aka New York 7a strada (Italy: alternative title)
    ... aka Pleasure Shop on the Avenue (UK)
    ... aka The Pleasure Shop on 7th Avenue
  170. Immagini di un convento (1979)
    ... aka Images in a Convent (USA: informal English title)
  171. Papaya dei Caraibi (1978)
    ... aka Caribbean Papaya (International: English title)
    ... aka Die of Pleasure (Europe: English title)
    ... aka Papaya: Love Goddess of the Cannibals (Europe: English title: video title)
  172. Emanuelle e le porno notti nel mondo n. 2 (1978) (co-director) (uncredited)
    ... aka Emanuelle and the Erotic Nights (International: English title)
    ... aka Emanuelle and the Porno Nights (Australia: video title)
    ... aka Emanuelle e le porno notti (Italy: short title)
  173. Le notti porno nel mondo nº 2 (1978)
    ... aka Scandinavian Erotica (UK)
    ... aka Sexy Night Report n. 2 (USA)
  174. Follie di notte (1978)
    ... aka Crazy Nights (International: English title)
    ... aka Luastic Nights of Amanda Lear (USA: bootleg title)
    ... aka Lunstic Nights of Amanda Lear (USA: bootleg title)
    ... aka Notti pazze della Amanda Lear (Italy: alternative title)
  175. La via della prostituzione (1978)
    ... aka Emanuelle and the Girls of Madame Claude
    ... aka Emanuelle and the White Slave Trade
  176. Duri a morire (1978)
    ... aka Tough to Kill (USA: video title)
  177. Le notti porno nel mondo (1977) (additional footage) (uncredited)
    ... aka Mondo Erotico (UK)
    ... aka Sexy Night Report (USA)
  178. Emanuelle e gli ultimi cannibali (1977) (as Aristide Massaccesi)
    ... aka Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals
    ... aka Emanuelle's Amazon Adventure
    ... aka Trap Them and Kill Them
  179. Emanuelle - Perché violenza alle donne? (1977)
    ... aka Confessions of Emanuelle (UK)
    ... aka Emanuelle Around the World (International: English title)
    ... aka Emanuelle Versus Violence to Women
    ... aka The Degradation of Emanuelle (video title)
  180. Emanuelle in America (1977)
    ... aka Brutal Nights
    ... aka Emanuelle in America (International: English title)
  181. Il ginecologo della mutua (1977)
    ... aka Ladies' Doctor
  182. Eva nera (1976)
    ... aka Black Cobra
    ... aka Black Cobra Woman (UK: DVD title)
    ... aka Emmanuelle Goes Japanese (USA: cut version)
    ... aka Erotic Eva
    ... aka Hot Pants (UK: video title)
  183. Emanuelle nera: Orient reportage (1976)
    ... aka Emanuelle in Bangkok (USA)
  184. Voto di castità (1976)
    ... aka Vow of Chastity (International: English title)
  185. Emanuelle e Françoise le sorelline (1975)
    ... aka Blood Vengeance (UK: video title)
    ... aka Demon Rage (USA: recut version)
    ... aka Emanuelle's Revenge
  186. Giubbe rosse (1974)
    ... aka Cormack of the Mounties (USA: informal English alternative title)
    ... aka Red Coat (USA: informal English title) (USA)
    ... aka Killers of the Savage North (USA: dubbed version)
    ... aka Royal Mounted Police (USA)
  187. The Arena (1974) (uncredited)
    ... aka La rivolta delle gladiatrici (Italy)
    ... aka Naked Warriors (USA: reissue title)
  188. Pugni, pirati e karatè (1973) (as Michael Wotruba)
    ... aka Pugni, pupe e karatè (Italy)
  189. Fra' Tazio da Velletri (1973) (uncredited)
  190. Novelle licenziose di vergini vogliose (1973) (as Michael Wotruba)
    ... aka Diary of a Roman Virgin (International: English title)
  191. La morte ha sorriso all'assassino (1973) (as Aristide Massaccesi)
    ... aka Death Smiled at Murder
    ... aka Death Smiles on a Murderer (USA)
    ... aka Sette strani cadaveri (Italy)
  192. Eroi all'inferno (1973) (as Michael Wotruba)
    ... aka Heroes in Hell
  193. Un Bounty killer a Trinità (1972) (uncredited)
    ... aka A Bounty Killer for Trinity (Europe: English title: literal title)
    ... aka Bounty Hunter in Trinity (USA)
  194. La colt era il suo Dio (1972) (uncredited)
    ... aka God Is My Colt .45 (USA)
    ... aka Nur Gott war sein Colt (West Germany)
    ... aka Nur der Colt war sein Gott (West Germany)
  195. Scansati... a Trinità arriva Eldorado (1972) (uncredited)
    ... aka Go Away! Trinity Has Arrived in Eldorado (USA)
    ... aka Pokerface (USA)
    ... aka Stay Away from Trinity... When He Comes to Eldorado (USA)
    ... aka Trinity in Eldorado (USA)
  196. Sollazzevoli storie di mogli gaudenti e mariti penitenti - Decameron nº 69 (1972) (as Romano Gastaldi)
    ... aka More Sexy Canterbury Tales (UK)
    ... aka Sollazzevoli storie di mogli gauden