27 June, 2011


Thanks to Bruce Holecheck for this scan of a 1983 IMPERIAL VIDEO CORP. VHS release of Jess Franco's BARBED WIRE DOLLS [FRAUENGEFANGNIS-1975]. This was the only Jess Franco film on their short releasing list. Check out Bruce's highly recommended CINEMA ARCANA blog for the details. I actually rented this from a local Mom & Pop video store way back when and copied it. The video quality is not ideal but it brings back memories. Of course this is now available in pristine condition from original elements transferred by the film's producer Erwin C. Dietrich, on his VIP-ELITE OFFICIAL JESS FRANCO COLLECTION. 

RatingMovies.Com - Barbed Wire Dolls (1975) | http://d.ratingmovies.com/servlet/Main/FilmDisplay?fil...

Not my favorite Franco WIP, but it has that memorable faked slow motion sequence with Jess and Lina which is a classic. 

26 June, 2011


The French master of Low-Budget Erotic Adventures of the 1970s and 80s is Jean Marie Pallardy. The Halopark DVD of his EROTIC DIARY OF A LUMBERJACK will be discussed on the PRIVATE SCREENINGS FORUM on

24 June, 2011


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Watching the sleazy 1967 Harry Alan Towers-AIP Eurocrime-adventure, THE HOUSE OF 1000 DOLLS, starring Vincent Price going Eurotrash as Felix Manderville, a magician who fronts for an international white slavery operation. His wife, played by Martha Hyer, helps him arrange for ad hoc abductions during his stage performances. George Nader investigates and Maria Rohm (VENUS IN FURS) is featured as a victim, along with Kitty Swan.

This was meant to be a star-studded international thriller but it looks like executive producer Louis M. Heyward had to do it on the cheap. Maybe they spent all their budget on Price. They should have gotten Jess Franco to direct, instead of the dull, conventional Jeremy Summers. Nonetheless, it's still fun and I have retained my old HBO VIDEO prerecord for decades. Look out for Franco regulars Herbert Fux (JACK THE RIPPER) and Yelena Samarina (LA FILLE DE DRACULA) in supporting roles. 

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Watch for Vincent Price's reactions during the mud-wrestling sequence. What could have been going through his mind while appearing in this thing? I hope he used his salary to acquire some good paintings. 

Where was Jess Franco when he was really needed?!  He would have been perfect for this.

16 June, 2011


Jess likes to keep them locked up, stripped for action and ready for rebellion. Favorite JF WIPs

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One of my favorites is the under-appreciated, no-budget, made-in-secret during the shooting of FRAUENGEFANGNIS (1975) item, DES DIAMANTS POUR L'ENFER. Check out Lina Romay's "escape" from the slammer and Jess Franco's amusingly casual appearance as the hitman, "Bill.".

Women Behind Bars (1975) Jess Franco - My duck is dead | http://www.myduckisdead.com/2010/06/women-b...
Double Trouble!

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I Like this cover

Shot in Nice, Beaulieu & Antibes. I actually visited one of the film's locations way back in the 1970s! NS! 

So let's hear about some favorite Jess Franco WIPs in the comments below!