22 February, 2016


Mr.Caramelis (Jess Franco) makes a deal with Mr. Winter (Roger Darton) in the jaw dropping Eurocine composite UNE CAGE DOREE (A.M.F. Frank, aka Marius Leoseur and Jess Franco, 1976)

16 February, 2016

Jess Franco rarity screens at Brooklyn theater....


Thanks to Scott Allen for posting this on the EL FRANCONOMICON Facebook group. I had no idea that this rarely seen 1972 Jess Franco crime film actually had a US theatrical screening, at Brooklyn's volunteer-run Spectacle Theater, last year! I'm wondering if it was a 16mm film print, a 35mm print or a projection of the old French VHS transferred to DVD? Would have loved to be there to find out. Any blog readers attend this or have any additional information? If so, please add it to the comments section below.It did have a showing at the 2009 Jess Franco Cinematheque Francais retrospective. According to El Franconomicon creator Alex Mendibil the 35mm print was vividly colorful and of prime Grindhouse quality....

BTW, LES EBRANLEES aka VIBRATING GIRLS (my favorite alternate title) aka LA MAISON DU VICE aka GIRLS FOR SALE is the subject of a recent photo essay over on our Sister site at http://franconomicon.wordpess.com

(C)  Robert Monell, 2016