07 January, 2008

ALAIN PAYET: 1947-2007

Alain Payet: A Career in European Trash Cinema...

Vintage video box art from Alain Payet's TRAIN SPECIAL POUR HITLER (1977).

This 2002 film was typical product made by Payet during his prolific career; the French director often directed under the name "John Love"...More obscure X product from Alain Payet...

Catwoman in one of the numerous French X films directed by the late Alain Payet.

Réalisateur, Scénariste:
[ le 17 Janvier 1947 Décédé le 13 Décembre 2007] French director, screenwriter, in Paris, from cancer, according to some reports. Thanks to Frederick Durand for noting his passing in a reply here to the previous blog. Included above are some images from his films.

Alain Payet was a sometime Eurocine "house" director who made many X films under the name "John Love" and also used the name James Gartner. He codirected at least one film which also had input by Jess Franco, Les Amazons du Temple d'Or aka GOLDEN TEMPLE AMAZONS (1984) which, according to OBSESSION: THE FILMS OF JESS FRANCO, was begun by JF and completed by Payet. The only scene in that project which I'm sure was directed by Franco was the torture scene where Emilio Linder and Alicia Principe are whipped while tied together over a bed of spikes (cf LA MALDICION DE FRANKENSTEIN -1973). It would be interesting to confirm exactly which scenes were directed by Payet. He may have also been anonymously involved with alternate versions of other JF films, according to some reports.

"James Gartner" was also used as a front for other Eurocine directors., including Jess Franco.

The IMDB credits him with over 80 films from 1975 to 2007.

If anyone has any further information, corrections, clarifications re his career, associations with Eurocine/Jess Franco please feel free to use the comment function.

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