04 December, 2007

The Return of THE PSYCHIC

I've just watched, and more importantly listened to, the updated, audio-corrected disc of Lucio Fulci's THE PSYCHIC. As noted in my previous post on this new Severin Films DVD presentation, there was an issue with low audio levels. I'm happy to report that it now features excellent, dynamic sound quality: full bodied and layered, with dialogue, sound effects and the vintage 1970's Bixio-Tempera-Fabio Frizzi music score perfectly separated and resonant. Very important for a film with such a complex plot and where sound, music and dialogue are as crucial as the visuals.
Now one can fully enjoy one of Fulci's most underrated gialli in superior audio as well as video quality. Kudos to Severin for being so responsive and fixing this problem with such speed and efficiency. It's about time this had a R1 digitial presentation and I can now highly recommend this DVD.
Watching THE PSYCHIC for the third time in as many weeks I was pleased to note that it plays with just as much suspense and verve even after one is aware of the key twists and turns of the plot. It's a superbly crafted thriller, perhaps Fulci's most Hitchcockian film, which closed off an important stage of his career. A must-have for Fulci and giallo fans.
(C) Robert Monell, 2007


Anonymous said...

This is among the quicker turnaround times I've seen from any DVD company to fix a quality issue. (A comparison to the earlier releases from Shriek Show would be telling, but would also belabour the obvious). Kudos to David Gregory and I'm looking forward to grabbing this one.

Robert Monell said...

They demonstrate that they really appreciate and will do what it takes to please their customer base. That's good business practice. I also think that SYNAPSE has proven to be a very consumer responsive and quality conscious DVD company over the years. I think you'll be very pleased with THE PSYCHIC, it really rewards multiple viewings.

Robert Monell said...

It has now been delayed until the 18th. Check the Severin site.