26 December, 2007


I'm not impressed by the new James Bond and all the post-Sean Connery ones leave a lot to be desired. I prefer Eurospy guys and girls of 1960s vintage; give me the classic Bond films and their imitators from that decade. As indicated by the banner on the sidebar, as a regular special feature I'll present favorite Eurospy art, films, actors and images from that era, .

The image at the top of this blog is of a personal favorite 1960s Eurospy actor in a certain espionage thriller from that Golden Age.
Can you name the actor and the European lensed spy film shown above? Or at least appreciate the threads and hairstyle circa 1965 (that's a hint).

This is a reposting of a quiz I conducted back in March, 2007. No one got it so I'm giving it a second shot.

Just type THE EUROSPY FILES into the blog's search engine to read past posts on favorite Eurospy films/actors. In the future there will also be some posts on Eurospy films from other decades but I'll be mostly concentrating on 1960s titles.
Jess Franco directed numerous Eurospy adventures from LA MUERTE SILBA UN BLUES (1962) to DARK MISSION (1989), in fact he may have made more of them than any other single European director. But that should come as no surprise. We'll be devoting a lot more space to Franco's own Eurospy filmography in the coming year as well as titles by other directors. Future Eurospy films to be critiqued will include Riccardo Freda's COPLAN films, ATTACK OF THE ROBOTS, RESIDENCE FOR SPIES, OPERATION WHITE SHARK, LIGHTNING BOLT, THE FULLER REPORT, KILL AGENT GORDON and many more.

(C) Robert Monell, 2007

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