18 November, 2006

Franco's CHARADE

Thanks to Uwe Huber for this image of another poster for the 1970 Jess Franco rarity, SEX CHARADE. Uwe confirms that Eurocine does indeed have a print of this.. albeit sans sound! Too bad. Maria Rohm is credited as "Maria Khon" on this advert and Uwe directs our attention to the figure on the left as possibly being MR.

I'm not certain if anything can be done to locate the original [French?] soundtrack, but I am now researching the possibility of a Bruno Nicolai score, if there was indeed one written for this and it was not just recyclings of his cues from other soundtracks. Any and all information on the status of this film, the possibility of a DVD release, or the existence of a soundtrack would be much apprieciated.

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