05 November, 2006

How Many Franco DVD's Did You Say?!


This "Jess Franco Collection Boxset" now up for auction on EBAY promises 22 Jess Franco DVDs! I've never heard of this collection and am not familiar with the packaging. The discs are listed as R0, PAL, in NEW condition.


Anonymous said...

I saw some Asian dealers selling the same sets on ebay awhile back. Reeks of bootleg to me but I could be wrong.


Robert Monell said...

I was wondering if they are DVD or DVD-R?

Anonymous said...

Well, I haven't persoanlly seen this set but we received a bunch of Asian imports at the place I work, titles like BAND OF BROTHERS, SMALLVILLE and ROCKY. The sets were clearly bootlegs but all of the films were recorded on actual DVDs.
Usually just direct burns of the US releases with added subtitles.
My favorite mistake was on a BAND OF BROTHERS box, "Presented in Windcreen."

Damian P.

Robert Monell said...

The fact that there are no bonus materials listed (are there?) and that they are a mix of already released titles from various companies makes me wonder..