26 September, 2022

THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MIRROR (Jess Franco, 1973) Mondo Macabro Blu-ray review by Nathaniel Thompson/Mondo Digital: link


Here is a link to the Mondo Digital review of the Mondo Macabro Bluray release of Jess Franco's THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MIRROR (1973), the first English friendly HD release of the director's cut in North America. 

I was pleased to be able to contribute a commentary track with Rod Barnett as part of this essential release. It's certainly one of my top 10 favorite Jess Franco films. Thanks to Mondo Macabro.




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tjb said...

Well, I'm looking forward to purchasing this disk, listening to your commentary, and finally installing a blu-ray drive to my computer so that I can now do these things. Cheers, Robert.
- tjb