06 August, 2019


Highly Recommended!

Released by Redempton-Kino Lorber, June 2019, # 57

Several things make this HD release, from sparkling Gaumont elements, a must-have. The presence of the legendary Eddie Constantine playing the equally legendary Jess Franco PI (here a retired secret agent) Al Pereira, and the pleasure of watching a Jess Franco Europsy adventure (his final black and white production). Most importantly the 1920X 1080p (1.66:1) presentation illustrates just how layered and fascinating the mise-en-scene of this spy spoof really is.

ABOVE: The "robots" await programming....

Franco obviously loves the spy genre, the James Bond series is even mentioned with the film's diegesis, but he also can't, or won't maintain a straight/serious tone. The last few minutes contain possibly one too many slapstick routines, but it's nonetheless a fun, stylish Eurospy, especially seen upgraded in HD. I'll add some more thoughts in the future.
ABOVE: Eddie Constantine is Al Pereira, Jess Franco's favorite investigator. Constantine was famous for his role as Lemmy Caution in a series of French spy films and in Jean-Luc Godard's ALPHAVILLE (1965). Franco himself can be heard reading an enthusiastic advert in Spanish for the Godard film during the scene in ATTACK... when Pereira gets into a fist fight with Ricardo Palacios in the Alicante bus station. The soundtrack on the Blu-ray is French (with an English option) but the advert remains in Spanish on the soundtrack.

(C) Robert Monell, 2019

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