31 March, 2016

Joe D'Amato's Jess Franco composite...

This 1979 composite(aka JUSTINE), supervised by Italian porn king Joe D'Amato [rn: Aristide Massaccesi], is pretty delirious stuff. D'Amato cut Jess Franco's JULIETTE DE SADE (1975), a hardcore starring Alain Petit and Lina Romay, into shreds and then inserted scenes from two other 1975 Franco productions, MIDNIGHT PARTY and SHINING SEX, the former a comedy, the latter a sci-fi tinged erotic fantasy. He then rescored the newly christened Frankenstein monster of a film with cues written by frequent musical collaborator, Nico Fidenco. The result was... I'll be doing an expanded blog on this in the near future. 

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