28 July, 2014

Jess Franco's 1980s Hardcore Films

This 1986 hardcore sex comedy features Lina Romay and Antonio Mayans, credited as Lulu Lavenre and Tony Proculi [more on that beard later], as an outrageously flamboyant couple, she's a loud dresser, he's a screaming queen, who check into the no-tell Hotel Venus for some fun and games in which several other couples join. The character bits are amusing and provide some satirical comic relief from the many gynecological close ups of penetration, oral sex, female and male genitalia.

The Hotel Venus could be a wink at Wagner's VENUSBURG but most probably was a low rent, convenient, photogenic location which Jess roped into hosting the production, or maybe just shot it in secret, on the fly. Note how the facade of the hotel is used as a formal element and introduces the location of the action in the very first image, another example of the director's minimalist expertise.

Para las Nenas.... Leche Calentita translates, according to OBSESSION: THE FILMS OF JESS FRANCO to "Warm cream... for the babes" and the babes include Maria Del Carmen G. Alonso (Rossy Pussy), Romay and other familiar female and male Franco players, including Jean Morcillon = Jose Miguel Carcia Marfa; Peplo Tiesez = Jose Llamas, Pici Palo= R.A. Garcia.

Director: Candy Coster [Jess Franco & Lina Romay], Producer: Fernando Vidal Campos for FERVI Films Madrid. Screenplay: Jess Franco & Lina Romay. DP: Joan Almirall = Juan Cozar. Music: Daniel J. White. Edited by Jess Franco. Agfa color. 73m (the VHS dub I referenced cut out after about 60m in the middle of a hardcore scene!). Widescreen.

LAS CHUPONAS, TELEPORNO, BRAGUETA STORY, are other rarely seen JF hardcores from the same year. Franco also worked on several uncompleted projects that year, along with the still unreleased SIDA, LA PESTE DEL SIGLO XX, the latter co produced by Golden Films Internacional and Eurocine.

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