24 February, 2014

UNA RAJITA PARA DOS (Lulu La Verne, 1982)

The one Jess Franco film you must NOT see/if I moved my camera 1/2 inch to the right you would understand....
The one Jess Franco film you must NOT see if you are easily grossed out. If I moved my camera 1/2 inch to the right you would understand. The above image was taken by the cellphone off a Spanish VHS dub. These 1980s hardcore films, many produced by FERVI films, are actually rather interesting oddities which I'll be looking at here in the future. UNA RAJITA.... trends toward the scatological...

Jess Franco's Una Rajita para dos - xHamster.com

This one seems to be the first FERVI Films hardcore series, with a production date of 1982 give in OBSESSION: THE FILMS OF JESS FRANCO p. 154. FERVI was the company of producer Fernando Vidal Campos. The direction of this film is credited to Lulu Laverne, which usually indicates that Lina Romay and JF collaborated in the scripting and directing. Lina also appears in the lead female role under that name. The late Jose Llamas, frequent 80s era JF production manager/actor Antonio Mayans as a flaming gay Russian spy, "La Loca," and steals the show. He is quite amusing as he performs his over-the-top antics. Llamas and Mayans appear under the "dirty" beards, "Johnny Poyales" and "Tommy Proculi", gross sexual puns which the director obviously thought were funny self-satire. The director also is seen as the hotel's official peeping tom, another amusing JF cameo which also satirizes his position as a clandestine director of the bases hardcore possible in this context. Romay and co. are female agents assigned to retrieve microfilm from the rectum of an enemy agent! Yes, that's the "plot."  Set in a Costa Del Sol hotel, most of the runtime is taken up by hardcore antics in various rooms (probably also the production headquarters). A cheap way to make profitable no-budget hardcore. Not much style or imagination here and rather tedious at 80 m or so. Franco's best hardcore FERVI effort was EL MIRON Y LA EXHIBICIONISTA (1985). A few of these have actually surfaced on Spanish DVD in surprisingly good video quality. (C) Robert Monell 2014

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