09 July, 2010


The immortal (so far) Soledad Miranda was born on July 9, 1943 and died on August 18, 1970 in a tragic automobile accident. What more can I say? She really can't be explained in words, one has to see her. Although she was a singer, she was usually dubbed in the export versions of her Jess Franco films. It wasn't her voice as much as her "presence"-- an uncanny, mysterious, edgy, haunting presence. The hypnotic way she moved, posed and her still living eyes, orbs which penetrate and which follow you.  She left too soon. 

 I wonder if she knew how good she was?

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dfordoom said...

And presence is the quality you need in cult movies, especially cult horror movies. It's more important than actual acting ability.

Amy Brown said...

Considering that she complained more than once to the Spanish press that she wasn't being paid what she deserved, I think she knew how good she was. ;-)