04 April, 2008


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FANTASTIQUE: What is it? It spans the 19th, 20th and lives in the 21st Century. To me it's kind of a mixture of Surrealism, fantasy, science fiction and horror, more of a daydream than a nightmare. A difficult-to-define genre of novels, poems, paintings and cinema, which has always held a special appeal to me. I have started a Forum on which to discuss works which could possibly be in that mode.

Jean Rollin's films would certainly fall into that category as far as I'm concerned. I've initiated the Forum with a post concerning his most recent film, LA NUIT DES HORLOGES, which he presented at the recent L'ETRANGE Festival in Lyon, France, about which we did a previous blog and published the poster. I, for one, can't wait to see LA NUIT... and Rollin remains one of the world's most unique filmmakers.

There will be other Rollin films and other works of literary, graphic, and cinema-fantastique discussed there in the future. Please feel free to post comments about your favorite works in the realm of FANTASTIQUE.

Thanks to Fabien for granting us permission to use images and reprint his review from his blog and thanks to Tubbytoast for the Google translation. It may be awkward but it gives on a general idea of what to expect from this new Rollin film. Links to Fabien's marvelous French language BLACK CAT BONES blog where the original French text and many more images can be found.

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