06 May, 2010


Thanks to firirinabe for posting this image from Jess Franco's ultra rare 1982 La Casa de las Mujeres Perdidas along with some information on where a download of this can be viewed. For more information and images see the thread with the film's title @ http://www.cinemadrome.yuku.com

I hope that we can have a review up here soon of the film itself, which was produced by Golden Films Internacional and remade as BROKEN DOLLS.


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1 comment:

franchesk said...

I've got a copy of the very same rip. The guy who ripped this has also uploaded in a few websites other Franco films, like LAS CHICAS DEL TANGA and BOTAS NEGRAS, LÁTIGO DE CUERO. These copies come from the showings of the films on a film-themed TV channel from Madrid. It's called 8Madrid - its owner is Enrique Cerezo, who owns loads of films from Spain and the rest of the world but does little with them. Well, at least, now there are usable masters for a DVD release (Severin!).