26 May, 2010

Happy Birthday, Richard Harrison!

                                            Richard Harrison

Richard Harrison in action against the hideous Medusa in MEDUSA AGAINST THE SON OF HERCULES, a favorite of his sword and sandal efforts. 

Harrison appeared in one Jess Franco film, the 1988 spy-action film, DARK MISSION. I had a chance to talk with him about it [thanks to Bill Connolly] and he proved to be a thoughtful, good humored gentleman, but was not all that impressed with Jess or the role. 

He had roles in over 100 films from the 1957 science fiction title KRONOS [he was the pilot who destroyed the title creature] to JERKS (2000). He always put his all into whatever part he played and specialized in action heroes. He also had a supporting role in the big budget Hollywood hit musical SOUTH PACIFIC. 

Some favorite Richard Harrison films include Antonio Margheriti's VENGEANCE (1968), REVENGE OF THE GODFATHER (1975), a serious, sexy turn in Joe D'Amato's VOODOO BABY (1980) and the mad Godfrey Ho composite, SCORPION THUNDERBOLT.

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Happy walker said...

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Alex B. said...

Harrison sure has been around, from films Eurocine and Godfrey Ho to italian stuff for D'Amato and Sergio Grieco.
I loved him in Ho's NINJA TERMINATOR and the lyrical, downbeat ORGASMO NERO.

Keith said...

Happy Birthday to Richard. I saw him in a movie with Bruce Le the other day.