15 January, 2010

Enter the Wild World of Ignacio Iquino....

You've seen her before in several Paul Naschy films. Thanks to Nzoog for this rare photonovel cover and following images.

Ignacio F. Iquino digs deep....

This actress was Satan's midwife in SECTA SINIESTRA (BLOODY SECT), an over-the-top gorefest which isn't available on R1 VHS or DVD and won't be anytime soon! Find out more about her on THE FILMS OF IGNACIO IQUINO...

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Alice Arno and Silvia Solar are already there...


Ignacio F. Iquino (1910-1994), one of Spain's most prolific and eclectic exploitation directors, gives even Jess Franco a run for his money.

Tired of reading similar sounding reviews of the same movies over and over?

If titles like BLOODY SECT and ABORTO CRIMINAL pique your interest, if you are in search of reviews, discussion and rare, colorful images of films rarely, if ever, discussed on most Internet movie sites, visit THE FILMS OF IGNACIO IQUINO thread now featured on CINEMADROME, where the outre, the ultra-obscure, the hard-to-find are unearthed, examined and revealed.

Read Nzoog's in-depth reviews of Iquino's obscure, outrageous filmography illustrated with many rare images, posters and stills from his collection.

Exclusively at CINEMADROME.

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dfordoom said...

Are any of his movies available anywhere on DVD? He sounds like he's worth checking out.

Nzoog Wahrlfhehen said...

Thanks, Robert! Very nice!
Actually, many of the illustrations are not mine, but from online sources. The caps are mine, though.

Robert Monell said...

The rabid, vicious SECTA SINIESTRA, a blood soaked anti abortion allegory is available from grey market vendors in SLO in the US. But it's still worth seeing. It's the only of his films I've seen. Maybe Nzoog can recommend other sources.

Nzoog Wahrlfhehen said...

His black-and-white fifties cops-and-robbers movie BRIGADA CRIMINAL is out on Region 2 in the Spanish market. His exploitation flick ABORTO CRIMINAL is also out in an abbreviated version that I suspect was the one used for its 1980s reissue in a double-bill with SECTA SINIESTRA. It comes as part of a DVD Simón Andreu double-bill along with a drama by León Klimowsky. Several of his comedies, of the greatest durability and appeal in Spain but the least export potential, are out, from both the colour and the black-and-white period. This includes his spy spoof 07 CON EL 2 DELANTE: AGENTE JAIME BONET, which has been released as part of a DVD double-bill dedicated to the comedian Cassen.

Of his Westerns, Juan Bosch's goofish semi-serious ABRE TU TUMBA AMIGO...LLEGA
SÁBATA is available in Italy. It was written and produced by Iquino and Richard Harrison has been quoted as saying that he anonymously directed some scenes.

Prospects are high that several of his "serious" black-and-white films, which are still respected by Spanish film critics, will be out in Spain sooner or later, including the forties-made Napoleonic war film EL TAMBOR DEL BRUCH and the fifties religious film EL JUDAS. Both of these are well-regarded and, if they have not been released yet, that's surely because the license-holder hasn't come round to doing so yet. His crime films are probably round the corner.

His least prestigious period obviously corresponds to what is roughly the last third in his career, starting in the mid-sixties: Eurowesterns, "topical" exploitation films (on drugs, rape, abortion, prostitution, etc)and softcore sexploitation films (mostly comedies but some with a crime backdrop). For a long while, his name was associated with these highly profitable but obviously critically disregarded films. These were followed by three thinly-distibuted eighties movies that flopped and put an end to his career: SECTA SINIESTRA, the crime film HOMBRES QUE RUGEN and a disco musical. I don't know what DVD prospects there are for his 1965-85output: I have obtained most of them via the trading market in the form of DVD-Rs of TV broadcasts and VHS releases.

His thirties output (crime films, comedies and a bandit film) is lost and some of his late-forties films were deliberately destroyed: he didn't like them and thought their commercial potential was dated, so he sold them to be recycled into shirt collars and showgirls' sequins!

dfordoom said...

"so he sold them to be recycled into shirt collars and showgirls' sequins! "

I kind of like the idea of having my old unwanted movies ending up as showgirls' sequins!