04 August, 2007


Forget about the new James Bond or THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM. Here is the next Hollywood sensation. A new team of over-50 Secret Ops (they used to be called Agents) who are not ashamed to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day while on the trail of a Pop Art painter out to repopulate the world with psychiatrically created werewolves (Hey, isn't that the plot of Jess Franco's 1967 SADISTEROTICA?!).
The Agent in the top image will be known only as 008. Original, isn't it? He works deep cover and also acts, plays jazz and directs films on the side. Don't underestimate him. The cigarettes don't slow him down. The one on the bottom with the sunburned face is seen in a Promo shot taken yesterday at high noon in the midst of a 99 degree F/heat index 105 heatwave. He was wearing a black t-shirt, black jeans and black sneakers. I know the hat looks goofy but, hey, it's the dollar store model. He'll be code named Generic Light 100s (my favorite brand).
This team will be featured in THE ADVENTURES OF FILIPE MARLBORO, VOL. 9, obviously the sequel to 1983's .... VOL. 8, in which Jess Franco plays Sam Chesterfield, after my favorite brand during the late 1960s. These guys are going to make millions. To maximize profits it will be shot on video, edited in camcorder with the Daniel White-Jess Franco composition SALZA INFERNALE (Fast Tempo) played over and over again as the music track.
Thanks to Jess Franco for making the droll and inventive VOL. 8 and my friend Dee, never afraid to grab her digital camera, go out among the evergreens (actually 2 evergreens in the middle of a concrete picnic area in steaming downtown Syracuse NY) and argue camera angles with me on the hottest day of the year....
(C) Robert Monell, 2007


Mirek said...

Hey, where's the beard? I thought there was a beard!

Very nice to finally have agent Generic Light 100s reveal himself.

The film sounds like a winner. I suppose once it plays theatrically, theaters will get a special dispensation allowing the audience to light up?

Robert Monell said...

I shaved. The new Governor of NYS is soon going to ban ALL outdoor smoking so I'm going to have to be very politically incorrect.