23 July, 2006

Jess Franco Double Bill Vol. 1 July 24, 2006

This Anamorphic PAL 2 disc set, available in the UK as of tomorrow, features two related JF coproductions, the Howard Vernon top-lined monster rallies DRACULA PRISONER OF FRANKENSTEIN (1971)and THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1972) [see previous post for a review of the unclothed version, EROTIC RITES OF FRANKENSTEIN]. These are promised to be in their 2.35:1 OAR, but I'm skeptical about DPOF. If someone could please report here on how that disc turns out, it would be very much appreciated as it's one of our personal favorite Franco monsterfests, but must be seen in 2.35:1 to be fully appreciated. Features :Spanish language w Eng subs, DD. Colorful packaging with original artwork make this a tempting set from but, once again, I would like to read some consumer reviews. TARTAN


Anthony Thorne said...

Hi Robert,

The first review I've seen for this release is this one here.


Robert Monell said...

Thanks Anthony, I'll check it out.