17 July, 2006

In Search of these Jess Franco films...

I'm in urgent need of any copies available on any tape/DVDR format of these ultra rare JF titles:
EL SECRETO DEL DR ORLOFF (1964) the 99m Spanish version
DE SADE'S JULIETTE (1975) the version Franco made before Joe D'Amato turned it into a composite entitled JUSTINE (1979)
LABIOS ROJOS (1960) the first, and rarest of the "Red Lips" adventures.
GIRLS IN THE GOLDEN CAGE (1975) Franco related sleaze which Jess made some scenes for. Really a Eurocine composite.
LA CASA DE LAS MUJERES PERDIDAS rare 80s drama remade by Franco as BROKEN DOLLS.

Please post on the comment option if you have any of these. Thanks.


Anthony Thorne said...

I think Carlos Aguilar (?) said in an interview that the elements for DE SADE'S JULIETTE were still intact and available in a vault somewhere, waiting for some enterprising company to come along and get them, but the film itself wasn't out there at the moment. I could be wrong.

Robert Monell said...

Yes, I had heard the elements were in an Italian vault, but I wonder who would ever release this considering it's a hardcore obscurity, except a Franco specific company. Also, I thought a copy may have gotten out somehow... I hoped....