17 June, 2017


AKA: TWO FEMALE SPIES IN FLOWERED PANTIES/OPALO DE FUEGO, Directed by Dan Simon, 1978--Starring Lina Romay, Nadine Pascal, Olivier Mathot and Yul Sanders. An exotic crime-spy-thriller, filmed in the Canary Islands, about an International kidnapping ring, investigated by a corrupt U.S. Senator who blackmails two female ex-cons into infiltrating the gang. Lots of action, sleaze and torture in this upscale production.

Both versions will be in the package. MERCHANTS OF SEX [French version} in HD: OPALO DE FUEGO{Spanish Version} in SD. Fully loaded with Special Features. 
Neither feature has been available on disc in North America and this will be the HD debut of MERCHANTS.... .

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