23 April, 2017

VENUS IN FURS: Complete Final Music Score?

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I'm seeking a full accounting of the Complete final score heard in Jess Franco's VENUS IN FURS. It's not only composed by Manfred Mann and Mike Hugg. Stu Phillips also contributed, along with many uncredited sources. For instances, some cues from the score of a 1966 Jerry Cotton feature (THE TRAP SNAPS SHUT AT MIDNIGHT) are in it. If anyone has further information please contact me via email or FB ms or make any additions below this post.  Thanks. monell579@hotmail.com

Below are a few cues from the IMDB.

Marco Polo
Written by Syd Dale
Performed by Syd Dale 
Theme for Love
Written by Stu Phillips
Performed by Stu Phillips 
The Search
Written by Stu Phillips
Performed by Stu Phillips 
Aggressive Jazz Theme
Written by Keith Mansfield
Performed by Keith Mansfield 


bipcress said...

Robert - THANK YOU for undertaking this splendid, worthwhile, and extremely overdue endeavor. All Francophiles and Retro Euro Cult film score connoisseurs anywhere they may be are indebted to you. - John Bender

Robert Monell said...

So much library music in this. Phillips had a huge library and a lot of it is from Euro library music. I discovered the Peter Thomas cue by accident.