24 October, 2016

Goodbye to Video Watchdog (1990-2016)

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Goodbye to Video Watchdog (1990-2016): I vividly recall purchasing this very first edition at the now defunct Twilight Games and Video store a quarter century ago. Tim's article HOW TO READ A FRANCO FILM was a seminal influence on my own career as a film journalist in numerous zines and books from that date onward and a key inspiration for this long running Jess Franco blog.

This was a publication dedicated to the films I loved and collected. Today's announcement that no more print copies will be published marks the end of an era just as the demise of Craig Ledbetter's European Trash Cinema did in the 1990s. The white hot cauldron of the INTERNET has consumed yet another artifact of the print era. I will post any links if a digital version of the magazine is planned.

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