11 September, 2015

COMING SOON: The Definitive Jess Franco Book!

C'est Worth becoming a subscriber at any level. I've read Alain Petit's THE MANACOA FILES in French. Now this essential work on the career of this tyro filmmaker has been greatly expanded, updated and will be available as a huge 700 plus page book in French, as an English ebook, with numerous bonus materials included. Alain is the internationally respected film historian who collaborated with Jess Franco as a writer and actor in a number of his films [THE MIDNIGHT PARTY, TENDER FLESH] and has an intimate, exhaustive knowledge the man and his filmography. Click on the link and you can examine the contents, see images, watch videos and preview the book's layout.

Jess Franco, ou les prospérités du Bis.
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It's gone.
Jess Franco, or the prosperities of BIS.
We request 150 précos for the subscription works.
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