16 August, 2015

First Look: DEVIL HUNTER in Full HD Resolution!

SEVERIN FILMS Bluray of Jess Franco’s relentlessly trashy 1980 cannibal epic, DEVIL HUNTER reveals a sharper, crisper video quality without the fogging of the previous SEVERIN DVD, along a bump up in terms of color. In Full 1080p HD resolution. Audio: English/Spanish 2.0.
Also included is the rarely heard Spanish language track, along with the English language option and an interview with Eurocine actor/stuntman “Burt Altman”…  I much prefer this Spanish alternate track to the French one on the previous SEVERIN DVD. To me, this particular film plays much better in Spanish, with more appropriate voice casting, while the English dub is somewhat problematic due to some voice casting of the supporting cast and poorly scripted English dialogue, although the English track is also included.
Given the presence of this superior Spanish track and the noticeably improved video quality over the DVD, this is a recommended upgrade. The Jess Franco interview SEXO CANIBAL is also included.

Eurocine’s CANNIBAL TERROR  is also included in HD with French and English tracks, along with a featurette on director “Allan W. Steeve”, more on that in the future when a more detailed, illustrated review will appear here asap..
(C) Robert Monell, 2015
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14 agosto 2015 a 11:03 PM

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