28 March, 2015

New Blu-ray releases!

The official specs of the SEVERIN Blu-rays of SHE KILLED IN ECSTASY and VAMPYROS LESBOS are coming out next week. They will be published here asap. I did some consulting on these projects and guarantee they will be definitive!
Also here's a link to the sister website over on wordpress where my new review of Peter Stricklans's acclaimed Franco influenced erotica THE DUKE OF BURGUNDY has been posted. Also check out the image for a proposed cover for Redemption's upcoming Blu-ray of THE SADISTIC BARON VON KLAUS and voice your support for it on their FACEBOOK page. Thanks. More reviews, images and information coming soon on both blogs! http://franconomicon.wordpress.com

(C) Robert Monell, 2015

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AFare24Get said...

Looks great it may be on to-buy list immediately.