13 May, 2014

CLAIRE (1979) A Clifford Brown [Jess Franco] film?

Actually, this composite was put together by none other than the Italian Jess Franco, Aristide Massaccesi aka Joe D'Amato. Franco's 1978 Robert De Nesle funded hardcore ELLES FONT TOUT, which featured Lina Romay as a porno actress vacationing at an exclusive sex spa, was merged with footage shot by D'Amato featuring his own hardcore favorite, Mark [PORNO HOLOCAUST] Shanon (aka Manlio Certosino). The pamphlet AKA Joe D'Amato (Italy, 1995) cites footage with B. Lahaie, but I couldn't make her out in the print which I referenced.

ELLES FONT TOUT is not a favorite of mine and I find the 80s remake HOTEL DE LAS LUIGES a bit easier to take, but it is preferable to this incoherent assembly, which is nonetheless a curio for fans of both European Trash Cinema titans.

Note that even though she is prominently credited, Franco icon Pamela Stanford [aka Monique Delaunay] is not present in this print version. 

CLAIRE [74m 30s]
Big Thanks to David Zuzelo for helping me see this
CLAIRE (Clifford Brown, 1979) thanks to David Zuzelo
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CLAIRE (1979, Clifford Brown)
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