28 April, 2014

THE DEMONS on Blu-ray: Forthcoming Review!

LES DEMONS [onscreen title], Jess Franco's 1972 Nunsploitation epic, streets on Blu-ray tomorrow from REDEMPTION FILMS. I'm pleased to report that this may be their best yet Franco BD release. Made in response to Ken Russell's controversial THE DEVILS  (1971), this low budget historical horror show exemplifies Jess Franco at his most cynical and imaginative. An erotic, sadistic and supernatural reconsideration of the Judge Jeffries story previously told in Franco's 1970 THE BLOODY JUDGE.

A stunning, new 2.35:1 HD transfer from original 35mm elements, completely uncut, with English subtitles. Special features include a fascinating, moving last interview with the late director. This is a revealing, not-to-be missed presentation. A full review will be posted here asap.
THE DEMONS Blu-ray. This is the real deal!
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(C) Robert Monell, 2014

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