26 February, 2014

THE REVENGE OF THE ALLIGATOR LADIES (2014) Jess Franco & Antonio Mayans

Below is a link to a trailer for THE REVENGE OF THE ALLIGATOR LADIES, a film, which when released will constitute the very last film of the late Jess Franco. The film is reportedly made up of footage shot during the making of AL PEREIRA VS THE ALLIGATOR LADIES (2012) with new footage shot after the director's death by actor/production manager and longtime Jess Franco colleague, Antonio Mayans aka "Robert Foster."

Jess Franco will reportedly appear in the film along with Mayans, Carmen Montes, Paula Davis, Irene Verdu, Debbie Logan and other cast members of the first ALLIGATOR LADIES film. This will presumably be in the same erotic comedy-neo noir vein. Music by Pablo Villa [Jess Franco]. Ferran Herranz, the producer, has indicated that this new film will premiere in Spain this coming April.

If possible, I'll attempt to screen it and publish a review here asap.


Francisco Villalobos said...

The trailer is nice enough...too bad it won't hit theatres in the south of Spain AFAIK.

Robert Monell said...

Most recent news is that it will show in Madrid. Maybe late April. But no in Barcelona, as did a previous cut reviewed on CINEMADROME.com