09 February, 2014


Here's the MDVC hard plastic clamshell VHS box in which you get the cassette. I'll also be posting some separate views. Of course, Spanish language only, sans English subtitles. This film still has not appeared on North American/NTSC VHS/DVD.

Once again, the film itself is the 1980 EUGENIE, HISTORIA DE UNA PERVERSION, another version of Sade's PHILOSOPHY IN THE BEDROOM (1795), previously filmed in 1969 as EUGENIE, THE STORY OF HER JOURNEY INTO PERVERSION, featuring Christopher Lee, Maria Towers and Jack Taylor. This would also be filmed by the director as a Robert De Nesle financed project, the hardcore COCKTAIL SPECIAL, a 1978 production which appears to have been the last film JF made for the prolific French producer, who died that year.

More views of the box and images from the film  to come. This is one of my favorite versions of the text, which the director would make again and again. Not to be confused with Franco's version of Sade's 1788 "Moral Tale" EUGENIE DE FRANVAL [EUGENIE DE SADE-1970].

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