08 August, 2013


Yet another must-have Blu-ray from REDEMPTION. Once again I must call attention to the excellent Tim Lucas commentary. I've heard many, many commentaries. They tend to be litanies of factoids and oft-told behind-the-scenes tales. Tim does something really refreshing, taking you by the hand and escorting you into the film, its style, tone and substance. He follows individual shots, appreciating Franco's oft-criticized zooms/pans/rack-focused explorations for what they are, a fearless filmmaker's personal hand writing on the spatial-temporal continuum which is a Jess Franco film. It's revealing and actually allowed me to upgrade and re examine the film from different perspectives. And yet another superb documentary from Daniel Gouyette, EUGENIE'S NIGHTMARE OF A SEX CHARADE, during which experts Alain Petit, Lucas Balbo and Jess Franco himself are allowed to expand on the context and import of this breakaway thriller. It also includes some fascinating info on Franco's lost experiment, SEX CHARADE. All this and more, much more. Kudos to REDEMPTION for putting Diana Lorys on the cover instead of Soledad Miranda. It's really HER film and she soars in it. Highly recommended!
A more detailed review of this terrific Blu-ray presentation will be added soon...

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scott said...

Because of this blu-ray, and VIRGIN AMONG THE LIVING DEAD I am probably going to have to but a blu-ray player and a tv to support it. A daunting task,,!!