24 August, 2013


A Virgin Among the Living Dead (Blu-ray), temporary cover art
Robert Monell ESPRESSO COMMENT: If you are a lover of Jess Franco movies then you already love this key title in his long, prolific career. An oneiric, personal project which finally projected the director into one of his best periods. There have been numerous VHS, grey market, DVD releases of various versions, all with different lengths and footage.The new REDEMPTION BLU-RAY is the one you've been waiting for

Featuring the long awaited HD debut of the Director's Cut, with a slew of Special Features including the notorious Zombie edition with inserts by Jean Rollin, alternate erotic footage, a detailed interview with the late director by David Gregory, a superb Daniel Gouyette documentary with comments by Alain Petit among other Jess Franco associates/experts, a fascinating commentary by Tim Lucas, and more! The best, most comprehensive release of this legendary film yet. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Michelle A said...

Thanks for the recommendation. This was my first Jess Franco viewing when it screened on Australian TV in the late 90's (an optically censored print with the Rollin zombie footage). The only other version I've seen is Redemption's original VHS release so I'll definitely have to upgrade with the Blu-Ray. Just to confirm, was there ever a alternate version with hardcore inserts released? (There's so many alterate releases and variations I've lost track).

Michelle A said...
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