04 June, 2013

SEXORCISMES now online!


Sexorcismes 1975 (French w/ Eng Subs) A Jess Franco Film w/ Lina Romay.avi | 1:20:50 Add to my collection

by Thunder.thor1
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VHSRip. Original UNCUT French version. Storyline: Mathis Vogel (Jess Franco) is a former priest who has been excommunicated by the Church for practicing the methods of the Inquisition. Now he writes extreme sadistic stories for a sleazy magazine in Paris. His fanatical religious fervour drives him to kidnap torture and kill sexually promiscuous young women in order to save their souls. (Banned in Europe and the US except France when it first came out in 1975 Jess Franco later released a tame English version for the international audience in 1979. The English version entitled Exorcism is available here on Vee.)
SEXORCISMES, the rarely seen alternate, harder/ "uncut" alternate version of Jess Franco's EXORCISM, in now available for online viewing at Veehd.com. This version retains the superior original French language track with the director's crucial voice performance as Mathis Vogel. It also contains scenes not in any other versions, including footage of women chained in a torture chamber in Vogel's attic. Jess Franco can also be seen participating in some of the erotic action in this version! A must see. But don't download the plugins at Veehd.com, Codec and Vaudix are associated with Malware which can damage your computer. Good luck!


David A. Zuzelo said...

Thanks for the heads up! I found the DVD of this fansub on a tracker and it is amazing work!

christophe evan said...

Hi. I was wondering if there is any news on redemption's dvd release of this version

christophe evan said...

Any news on the redemption dvd release of this version?

Robert Monell said...

No news yet on the REDEMPTION DVD release. I don't know if it's still in the planning stages or not.

christophe evan said...

Thanks appreciate the info. Also love the blog.