12 June, 2013

LOS BLUES DE LA CALLE POP (aventuras de Felipe Marlboro, volumen 8 (1983)

  1. Jess Franco introduced in LOS BLUES DE LA CALLE POP


    One of my favorites, but in need of a proper OAR DVD. A colorful, satirical neo-noir, this would be perfect for Blu-ray, which takes place in "Shit City" where Jess Franco is the piano man, Antonio Mayans is the corrupt PI and Bogart looks down from the CASABLANCA poster on the wall. 

    A terrific score by Fernando Garcia Morcillo, in the jazz-blues vein, illuminated by blinding lens flares, it looks like a Punk graphic novel on film.

    Most amusing of all is that all the main characters are named after cigarette brands. Mayans is Felipe Marlboro, Jess Franco plays Sam Chesterfield! A hoot and one to search out.

    Only Jess Franco could have made this delightful film, iconoclastic, experimental and packed with cryptic jokes, secret codes and outrageous hairstyles.

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