30 May, 2013


Here's a screencap and the dialogue from a scene in Jess Franco's 1985 adaptation of Edgar Wallace's Sanders Come From the River.  This is a delightfully updated reboot of the director's 1966 Eurospy CARTES SUR TABLE, but this time with a Zen spin. Agent Sanders (Jose Llamas) and Howard Vernon investigate a series of attacks on international officials by zombie like assassins wearing sunglasses! No Eddie Constantine but Howard Vernon rules with his shocking white mustache and wicked cane. It's worth the price of admission to watch him smoking a pipe in a bubble bath....

SANDERS: Blimp, Daniel Blimp. He’s an English colonel.
HOTELIER: I’m sorry but the colonel’s no longer in the hotel.
SANDERS: But that’s impossible!
HOTELIER: It’s less than half an hour ago that they came to pay the colonel’s bill and take away his luggage. Here’s the voucher they signed when they removed his luggage.
SANDERS: Who signed it?
HOTELIER: Let’s see if I can read it. It says “Charles Dickens”. Never heard of him. Do you know who it is?
SANDERS: He rings a bell. Anyway, do you know the number of Marion Wentworth’s room?
HOTELIER: I’m afraid you’re out of luck, sir. Her bill’s been paid too, and her luggage’s been taken away.
SANDERS: Was it also that Charles Dickens man?
HOTELIER: That’s right, sir.
SANDERS: But how could you have possibly allowed him to take way the belongings of two customers? Couldn’t you have asked him who he was?
HOTELIER: Mr. Dickens struck me as quite a gentleman. We simply assumed the colonel and the lady were looking for some quite corner, if you know what I mean.
SANDERS: I see. Didn’t they leave an address?
HOTELIER: One never gives addresses in such cases!
[Thanks to NZOOG for the image and the dialogue translation. We might present further Jess Franco scenes like this in the future.]

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