21 May, 2013


So you know how we said we'd never seen a more tarnished element as the HOUSE ON STRAW HILL neg? Well that's nothing compared to the minefield that is the assembly of the long-awaited disc debut of the rare masterpiece THE HOT NIGHTS OF LINDA. But we're working all hours to deliver both this summer. LINDA has some incredible extras too including Jess and Lina together discussing the film a couple of years ago. An incredible movie, particularly for Franco-philes. Anyone seen it?
Yes, I have seen it, and it's an under appreciated gem from 1973, a very busy year for Jess Franco, in which he directed a dozen feature films! This is a rather mind bending genre mix of eroticism, murder mystery, comedy and family melodrama. Kind of like Douglas Sirk meets the Marquis De Sade. I've seen at least four different variants, from hard to soft core, French to English language versions. All fascinating. Great music and terrific performances from Alice Arno, Lina Romay and the always reliable Paul Muller. 

Totally unique and 100 percent Jess Franco. I've been waiting for this for over 20 years.....


Ryan Clark said...

Wow! That cover is priceless! Can't wait to see this.

Hellbilly Hollywood said...

That'll go on my DVD shopping list! Thanks for the post.