16 April, 2013

DELIRIUM: legendary alternate ending of NECRONOMICON/SUCCUBUS

I finally got to see the legendary Italian ending of Jess Franco's NECRONOMICON, titled SUCCUBUS for North American release as an X film. It was recut as DELIRIUM, possibly by future director Bruno Mattei, for release in Italy. The site, which is linked below, has clips from the complete presentation broken up into bits running from seconds to several minutes. It was all camcorded off a video monitor, so quality is poor. But this is a must-see for Jess Franco followers/scholars/historians. I'll be researching this in the future and will attempt to watch the entire collection of clips. It won't be easy, but it should be fascinating and fun.

All this certainly was not approved by Jess Franco, who wasn't even aware of this ending. Frames from an Italian fumetti version of this cut appeared in VIDEO WATCHDOG #1, 23 years ago [!], where I first viewed these images. I never expected I would ever see proof of its existence on film.

More clips, images and information will be forthcoming. Stay tuned....

Thanks to The Franco Lounge on THE LATARNIA FORUMS, where I noticed the link posted

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