20 January, 2013


EL INFIERNO DE LA PASION: Watching the Spanish Cine 7 VHS of Jess Franco's SADOMANIA (1981). I prefer this version over the annoying English dub [released by BU DVD]. Here you get to hear the distinctive real voices of Jess Franco (as the flaming queen brothel man) and Antonio Mayans. Ajita Wilson is dubbed by Delia Luna, who is better than the English dubber.

I have collected numerous, usually cut, versions over the years. From the censored HELLHOLE WOMEN VHS, to a longer German language version from VHS, but still missing footage. I believe this was sourced from TOPPIC VIDEO. EL INFIERNO has a slightly different musical score from the BU DVD and I appreciate the Spanish language soundtrack. We'll be adding this to the JEFF FRANCO ONLINE VIDEO DATABASE with scores for FILM VIDEO AUDIO and runtime PAL, of course. 

Thanks to Nzoog for dubbing information.

(c) Robert Monell 2013

 Thanks to Nzoog.


Casey said...

Was Ajita Wilson's real voice used in any movie? I would love to hear what she really sounded like.

Draw said...

oh wow, Sadomania was my first introduction to Jess's WIP films definitely a favourite. It would be nice to see a definitive version.

Robert Monell said...

Casey, good question. I'm not sure. I think she was dubbed in the Eng vers of SADOMANIA and definitely in the Spanish.