16 October, 2012


Today Jess Franco's signature film from 1973, originally titled LA COMTESSE NOIRE, streets in its first Blu-ray edition with English and French language tracks, English subtitles available along with two documentaries on the film, Jess Franco and the late Lina Romay among other bonus material. The rarely seen horror version, EROTIKILL, is also a welcome bonus feature. 
I remember when I first saw this film in the late 1980s via the vintage PRIVATE SCREENINGS VHS retitled THE LOVES OF IRINA. I thought there was something wrong with the VCR or the TV! "Shit! The whole damn movie is out of focus!" Little did I realize that I would end up collecting hundreds of videos, DVD, et al of Jess Franco films, eventually publishing numerous articles in various books and magazines in several different languages and create a blog about a director who by design or accident couldn't keep his camera in focus! There must be something wrong with my eyes... or with my head....

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