08 October, 2012

MISS MUERTE PAL DVD with Tim Lucas commentary!

I thought this might be of some interest to readers. Tim posted this on Alex Mendibil's FACEBOOK PAGE: EL FRANCONOMICON. Tim's English language commentary should make this a must have. Also 30 Franco trailers! Tim Lucas This two-disc set from Subkultur Entertainment (Germany) is available now. It's PAL Region 0 and looks great. I recorded an audio commentary for this -- I believe it's the first critical/historical Franco commentary, at least in English, and I'm thinking it may be my best to date, thanks in no small part to the editing team at SE. The film is offered only in French and German, for licensing reasons, but as added incentive, there is a special introduction with Franco and Antonio Mayans on Disc 2, as well as a Filmography including more than 30 hidden Franco trailers! I'm told this is a good source for it: http://shop.dtm.at/product_info.php?products_id=48891&language=uk
GEHEIMNIS DES DOKTOR Z, DAS (s/w) Enlarge... GEHEIMNIS DES DOKTOR Z, DAS (s/w) Enlarge... FSK VÖ-Datum Ungeprüft 28.9.2012 Regie Darsteller Extras Jesus "Jess" Franco Antonio Jimenez Escribano Guy Mairesse Howard Vernon Mabel Karr Jesus "Jess" Franco Cris Huerta Alberto Dalbés * Booklet DVD 1: Französische Kinofassung * Audiokommentar von Tim Lucas (engl. mit optionalen deutschen Untertiteln) * Originaltrailer * Bildergalerie DVD 2: Deutsche Kinofassung * Deutscher Kinotrailer * Bildergalerie * Filmographie von Jess Franco * ...und mehr Ländercode Produktion Laufzeit 2 PAL 1966 Frankreich/Spanien 83min & 84min - Uncut Untertitel Bildformat Audio Deutsch 1,66 (16:9 Anamorph) Deutsch Dolby Digital 1.0 Französisch Dolby Digital 1.0

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