31 May, 2012


Thanks to Jess Franco blogger Alex Mendibil for informing me about three new Jess Franco films going into production soon to be produced by Ferran Herranz with the help of Antonio Mayans as producer. Alex includes these details:  "One is an Edgar Wallace adaptation "El caso de la guiri asustada" or "El caso de la señorita asustada" (titles are not definitive) and Mayans has also one of the main roles. The other one is called (by the moment) "Sor Vampiria" and it is more like an experiment in the Paula-Paula style. Principal shooting was scheduled on this month. Mayans is, of course, a longtime Franco actor (MACUMBA SEXUAL) and production manager. 

Alex will also be involved in a Jess Franco documentary produced by none other than Eurocine! According to Alex, "The documentary in which I'm working as scriptwriter is produced by Eurociné and directed by Pedro Temboury. It is a feature film (maybe 70-80 minutes) with lots of interviews, HD remastered footage by Eurociné and a little fictionalized story around it."

The Edgar Wallace adaptation seems to be the long planned Franco presentation of the novel, "The Case of the Frightened Lady" which was last filmed in Germany in 1963 as THE INDIAN SCARF. That film features Klaus Kinski as one of the suspects among relatives vying for an inheritance by staying in a haunted house during a storm. I've seen the film. It's not bad but nothing to go out of your way to see. There are much better Wallace films including Franco's own THE DEVIL CAME FROM AKASAVA (1970). It will be interesting to see what he does with this. It's bracing to hear he's going ahead with new projects. 

Thanks to Alex and don't forget to visit his essential EL FRANCONOMICON   EL FRANCONOMICON

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