12 April, 2012


GRITOS EN LA NOCHE/THE AWFUL DR. ORLOF (1962): Following up a Georges Franju centenary visit with LES YEUX SANS VISAGE (1959) with Jess Franco's first horror project, which has a very similar mad plastic surgeon storyline and characters but a totally different tone and aesthetic. I think what really makes THE AWFUL DR. ORLOF (one F) unique is the jarring, abstract music score by J. Pagan and A. Ramirez Angel. Two of the most influential films of the era and both in glorious black and white.
The awful Dr. Orlof (Howard Vernon) obsesses over his disfigured daughter (Diana Lorys).
I'm also looking for the Spanish version of this GRITOS EN LA NOCHE with English subtitles available, if possible. The Image DVD contains the French version with no English subtitles and the English language track. 

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