29 December, 2011


I'm sharing the above link, originally posted on THE FRANCO LOUNGE at THE LATARNIA FORUMS, to this French site which gives more details on the previously blogged X-RATED KULT 6 DVD Jess Franco boxset. The text is in French only but this appears to be a re release of NEVROSE, the Eurocine edited/ French version of EL HUNDIMIENTO DE LA CASA USHER (1983) dubbed  into German. There are also 18m of bonus scenes from the Spanish version of the film. But there were actucally two Spanish versions of the film, one never released. It will be interesting to find out just what is contained in these alternate scenes.  I will update when I find out more.

If there is anyone who could provide a complete interpretation of the French text on Cinephiliquement it would be appreciated.

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